Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Now I had very low expectations on this movie after all the really bad press. My impressions were that low that I had told mum I had brought a magazine just incase the movie was that boring I could no longer keep myself awake.

Well needless to say I was pleasantly surprised, I really enjoyed the movie, it exceeded all my expectations. The movie went for something like 3 hours and it just seemed to fly past, I don't think I checked my watch once to see how long it had been going for, which for me is a sign of a good movie, has it kept be enthralled in the story line from go to woe.

I know Nicole Kidman copped alot of flak for her role, but seriously give the girl a break she was playing a English aristocrat who comes to Australia, of course she's going to talk and carry on like she's got a carrot up her butt. I think she did really well, and by no means am I a huge Nicole fan, I just think she played the part well. I believed her, so for me that means she did her job well.

Hmmm Hugh Jackman, what can I say, that one scene just did not last long enough, nor did we see enough skin :) Love the man.

That little boy stole the show for me, he was amazing, his eyes were just so dark, you could get lost in them. He really kept his own amongst Nicole and Hugh and some of the other more experienced actors. A true little gem.

The story line was reasonably predictable but hey what love story epic isn't, you know in one shape or form, the two that hate each other at the start will fall madly in love and that there will be sad tear jerking parts too.

The scenery was absolutely gorgeous and I loved been able to watch it and think I've been there and I've seen that. And just knowing that those beautiful landscapes were real and not computer generated and apart of our country, makes you proud to call yourself Australian.

The political undercurrents in the movie were clear and it was sad to think that alot of the issues back in the 30s are still pretty much prevalent now, although now it is illegal to discriminate against colour and race but there are still people out there that hold very similar views to the white elitists in the movie. It's just sad to think we've come so far in some ways but in others we are just completely and utterly backwards.

pictures courtesy of www.australiamovie.net
I'm really happy my mum talked me into going and seeing the movie now, I know it won't be everyones cup of tea but I would recomend going to the cinema and seeing it if you can, you won't regret it.

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