Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bedtime marathons!!!

What happened to those good old days when I could put her to bed and she would stay in bed and go to sleep, it seems those days are long gone and I want them back, bedtime now is a real hair pulling affair and it used to be enjoyable.

We dropped Taleisha's day nap due to the fact it turned her into a night owl. So her bedtime is between 7-7.30 p.m., earlier if she is being a royal PITA. So Sunday nigt was probably one of the worse of her current trend. I put her to bed, and maybe 10-20 minutes later you hear the creak of her bedroom door warning you the fun is about to begin, it's round one. She doesn't want anything, doesn't need to go the toilet or anything like that, it is simple just a game. So back to bed she is put. 10 - 20 minutes later it is round two, and it just continues like this. Sunday night she kept this up until about 9.30 p.m. until I snapped. I wanted to be able to relax, selfish I know and in reality I was just damn jacked of her antics and she just wasn't listening.

Last night I thought we were off to a good start but they both eventually got into the act, I'd taken her out during the day, so she was pretty tired, and went straight off to bed at 7pm, no worries. Mackenzie was in bed by 7.45p.m., cool I though, I get a couple of hours to myself to do as I please. Nope 8.30 p.m. and I hear Taleisha's door, shit, no way, go check on her and she's telling me it's time to get up. Convince her it is still night time and put her back to bed, here starts round one again. At one point I thought she may have had a nightmare, she was talking about dirty water and bloody Swiper. Mummy catches Swiper and kicks him out of her room. But this didn't seem to be the problem, I let her go in my bed but the game continued for the next hour solid where by some miracle she went to sleep.

I was exhausted so I followed suite only to be woken by Mackenzie screaming at 10p.m., I couldn't bloody believe it. I got her up, checked her bum and gave her a quick feed and put her back to bed, half an hour later she was screaming again. Argh I was pulling my bloody hair out. I cuddled her in her room and she went back to sleep on me, so I put her back down, and literally as her head hit the pillow she started screaming, so into bed with me she came, where she had almost fallen asleep in my arms were my lovely husband came crashing home through the door, grrr, so she was up, talking and giggling. Midnight I eventually get her to sleep and back in her own room.

Man what a marathon effort, I pray tonight is much easier and nicer to mummy, I'm tired!!!

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  1. What about if you stay with her?
    I enjoy the time with Lauren at night, its just the two of us, Anya is asleep. I read to Lauren and then once lights are out I usually give her a foot massage and either just lay with her till she goes to sleep (5min max) or I 'talk' her body to sleep.
    Maybe try something like that with T? Basically all I do is say "Your feet are getting very heavy and very relaxed, your feet are going to sleep" and continue up her body legs/bum/back/tummy etc, leaving eyes till last. Speaking in a very low relaxing voice. She is often asleep before I have finished.

    I think it would be a whole lot less stressful than having to constantly 'make' her go back to bed?

    And aww was this just before M's tooth came through? I have found Chamomilia to help heaps with teething with Anya, you can buy it in little blue tubes in health food stores :)