Friday, January 30, 2009

The Couch-to-5K Running Plan

OK I need to do something to get my butt off this couch and lose some weight and in general just be a fitter and healthier person.

Now I stumbled across this couch-to-5k running program and think it is something I could definitely have a go at and the program title is very apt. It seems easy enough, in the sense that it really does ease you into the whole running kaper, I just hope I have the drive and determination to keep at.

I have a tendency to be gung-ho to start with and then my motivation levels simply die off, leaving me back to where I started. So how do I get over this, one things for sure I need to snap the above negative thought out of my system.

I'm also quite self concious of the way I look when I run, as well as feeling like I am about to knock myself out any second with the bouncing bazookers :) It is difficult to find a sports bra that is supportive enough and even harder now as I'm still breastfeeding. I will definitely have to go get myself fitted professionally prior to commencing the program, otherwise it will be pretty bloody pointless, as I won't be moving all that comfortably if I've got one arm strapped across my chest trying to control them, I'm sure I'd end up injuring myself first.

So what do I need to do prior to commencing this new fitness regime: the runners I own were only bought a year or two back and due to pregnancy and lack of sport playing they are still in good nick, so they should see me through this, well for a while, maybe a reward for making it to the 5k, can be a new pair of running shoes :), write in calender three desiganted days and times for the training, as above get fitted for new bra and work out a running route to take. I plan on basising my runs on time and not distance to start with, I think I will probably work better that way, knowing out much longer you've got to go seems easier to deal with then how far.

Just a thought, maybe I should get me a treadmill, I've always wanted to buy a treadmill and a rowing machine but have never got around to it. I know workout world as extended their sale, maybe I should go check it out. I may be more inclined to run at home on the treadmill as I won't feel like everyone is looking at me and I can do it whilst Mackenzie sleeps and Taleisha is busy playing, so wou;dn't have to work around hubby's roster. Oh I think I'm sold :) But where do you store the blasted things?

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