Thursday, January 22, 2009

Family day out at Fremantle

This morning whilst Mackenzie was having her morning nap, I got busy preparing sandwiches for a lovely picnic lunch we were preparing. It was such a gorgeous day we had decided to take the girls out to enjoy the sunshine, so we went for a drive to Fremantle. It was so nice down there, the perfect weather for it, not too hot but plenty of sunshine and a nice cool breeze.
We set up our picnic rug in the large park behind the wharf. And sat down and enjoyedour yummy healthy sandwiches. Hubby did give in to temptation, as he could smell the chips from the shops at the wharf. He did however wander back empty handed as he figure $6 was a bit rich for the minimun chips.

After lunch, Taleisha took off to the park and had a play on the swing and the slides. She didn't last there very long, as she quickly got swamped and overwhelmed by the thousands of other bigger kids. So we wandered over to the wharf and had a look at the boats, saw the jet boat come in carrying some very soaked passengers. (tip to self if ever on jet boat, do not wear white :) )

We then strolled over to the beach, where Taleisha and Mackenzie had a play, Mackenzie's first play in the sand. I think she was quite impressed, she also had to give the sand the official taste test too :)

Afterwards we wandered back to the car, were the girls quickly entered the world of slumber.

Here are some photos of our fabulous afternoon out.

Mackenzie on the picnic rug and her big floopy hat.
Taleisha on the picnic rug

She's the queen of the wooden castle

hmmm what's this white stuff

oh mummy, this is good


  1. Bless! I love the pics, looks like a fab day out!

  2. Kat looks like you had a wonderful day. That park is amazing isn't it?