Friday, January 16, 2009

Just call me Sadie

Seriously since we got home from the shops this afternoon, I have barely stopped to take a breath.

I've put away a load of nappies and the girls clothes that was sitting on the couch still in the basket. Taken the linen off the line and put it away. Then done a further three loads of washing including another load of nappies and I've just pop a load of the girls clothes on now as I type this, so that's a total of four loads of washing on today and two away. I should really stop leaving the washing to the last minute.

On top of that I put a load of dishes away that was already in the dish rack, washed another load of dishes and then after dinner put those away and washed the dinner dishes too. My hands have that lovely feel to them after two loads of dishes too, just lovely, dish pan hands, hmmmm.

I've decluttered the kitchen bench and side tables, it's amazing how much paper and crap collects on those spaces, they all look nice and orderly now, for how long though, time will only tell.

In my decluttering I removed all Taleisha's toys out of the living room and returned them to their homes. Cleaned up Mackenzie's toys and swapped them over, so she now has some brand new ones to play with. Well she thinks they are anyway.

I took out a mountain load of recycling, I had to do two trips to the recycling bin, with Taleisha's help. :blush:

Continuing on my cleaning blitz I headed to Taleisha's room for a challenge. I fixed her bookcase, she has a habit of putting her books away in a very haphazard fashion which leaves them all perched on the shelf in a rather scary matter, at any second you expect them to tumble to floor with a huge crash. So they are now neatly stacked, her puzzles are all back together, only two blocks missing, but they'll be in a bag somewhere, they double as money :) Her clothes and shoes are back in her wardrobe and draws and Hallelujah I can see her floor!!!!

Last job was to run the bath for the girls, which is done, I have now been presented with a wet nudie rudie Mackenzie to dress in her PJs, so better run, a mother's job is never done. :)

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  1. OMG you are a machine woman, esspecially in weather like this. All I have done is a load of washing and vacuuming downstairs.... Oh and took my husband lunch