Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My camera bites the dust

or should I say sand!!!

The other day when we visited Fremantle and I was subjecting my baby girl to a little photo shoot, my basically brand new camera went sliding out of my hands and cementing itself nicely into the sand, lens side down. Optimum positioning to get the most sand inside the actual mechanisms of the camera.

I gave it a good blowing out and a wipe down and thought I had it all fixed. It was refusing to close but a few more blowings out and I had that working too.

Fast forward to Friday and I go to use my camera and I get a lovely reversing sound as it opens the lens, doesn't sound good and I can't use the zoom, not sounding promising either. it does let me take a photo, although given I can't use any of the cameras functions there pretty ordinary.

I took the camera to mum's local camera man and he had a look at the camera for a while, gave it a good blasting with the air gun. He managed to get it to close but couldn't get it to work. I could send it off to get it fixed but we've been quoted $150 just for then to look at it, that doesn't even include the cost of repairs. Seeing that I've seen my camera advertised for about that already, I have no intentions of paying more than that to get it fixed. I'm going to buy me a new one, I much sturdier one. For now I'm going to pull out my old trusty, who has survived many a droppings in the sand.

Bloody cameras :)


  1. Oh dear! Hate it when that happens.....I'm surprised I haven't ruined our camera already - it's seen sand, snow, and plenty of rain!!

  2. Oh bugger Kat! Probably not the best way to go about getting a new one but lol