Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Number 3 Cake

Taleisha's birthday is only a few weeks away now and she is going to be a big three year old. Now a very important issue that I have been deliberating over for the last few weeks is what kind of birthday cake too make. I was thinking of making a fairy cake from scratch or one of those cakes with the barbie doll in the middle but was really convinced that that was what I really want. So I've narrowed it down to two kinds of cake that I think will be really cool and Taleisha would be extremely happy with.

The first one is the typical number 3 cake, like the one you see in the trusty Women's Weekly Kids Birthday Cake recipe book. This one I found at cake central is very spiffy, probably a tad out of my league though, it looks pretty bloody cool!!! I'd be too scared to cut it, it just looks too good. It must have taken the woman who made it bloody ages.

The other idea is still a number three but too make it up with a bunch of cupcakes, similar to this one, although I think I would decorate each of them, just not couple of them (and probably add a few extra cupcakes, as the bottom on this one looks out of proportion to the top half). I'm liking this idea the best, as it will probably be the easiest and I can make up a few different vairities and mix and match the cupcakes. I'm thinking I could mix and match the colour icing too. So many decorating options with this one. I just need to choose :)

Mind you when my husband sees that I won't be using the love heart shape pan that I went hunting for, he's going to give me a kick up the bum :) He should know me by now though, I have a tendancy to change my mind, what woman doesn't it :)

So next decision, what flavours, I'm thinking strawberry, maybe banana and possibly one other, will have to hunt something down that will go alright with those flavours. Maybe I could do my trusty Custard Orange cake mix, that always seems to go down a treat. Any suggestions?
Then I need to figure out how to decorate it, I'm going to try and steer away from pink this year, as both of Taleisha's previous birthday cakes have been pink. But what colour too choose :)
Far too many decisions!!! :pmsl:


  1. Honestly Kat cutting the number three was really easy :)

  2. After talking with Andrew I think I'm going to give the number 3 a go, now what to decorate on top of it :) and yeah he mentioned the love heart shape pan too, better not tell him I need to go buy a ring pan now, hehe. :)