Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our four legged and gilled family members

I have been dribbling on and on about my two baby girls and the occasional mention of the husband, so I thought it was high time I introduced our two furballs and five fishies.
This little man is Jasper, I think he is about 6 years old, he is quite the hot water bottle, he loves to snuggle up on your lap or in the crook of your legs when in bed. He is literally a big furball, he is so fluffly. Not the most social animal, although neither of our boys are huge fans of being social.
This is our Seth man, he came along about a year after our Jasper boy. We got him from the Animal Welfare League in SA, he came microchipped thankfully considering he took off for a week just after Christmas. He's even more antisocial then Jasper, if that is possible, although if he wants something he will quickly become very affectionate, fickle little thing that he is.
This is Seth saying hello to our five fish that we got when we settled into our new place in WA. It was a lot of fun setting up the fish tank (and money, who would have thought keeping fish would cost so much).
They remain nameless at the moment, I'm thinking Hewey, Dewey, Lewey, Daisy and Donald :) They are all goldfish, as we figured they would be the most hardy and easiest to look after for amatuer beginner fish keepers. So far we are doing very well. Taleisha loves them, she will often stop by the fish tank and watch them swim and count them.

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