Monday, January 19, 2009

Snot Falls

Seriously this should be Taleisha's new name. Ever since Saturday afternoon when it appears the taps were turned on, her nose has literally not stopped running!!! Every mother's joy job, wiping a constant snotty nose.

I've got my fingers crossed she doesn't pass it on to her sister but I'm not liking my chances on that one. If there is one thing she is going to share with her sister, it's definitely her bugs!!!

So I have royally renamed her Miss Snot Falls :)

Oh and whilst I'm on the subject of health, my poor husband woke up yesterday morning with the right side of his face resmebling a puffer fish, he was so swollen. He said it felt quite sore and tender, didn't stop him poking and proding it all day. My mum said I shouldn't have punched him in my sleep. so naturally I volunteered to punch the otherside, just so he would look even :) He for some reason didn't appreciate my kind gesture :) We're don't know what's caused it and he's going to book a doctor's appointment for Thursday to get it checked out. We might have some answers then.

On top of those two I have the sniffles, so looks like I'm next in line with the bug, grrrrr.

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