Saturday, January 17, 2009

Star Chart

Today in an effort to tackle some ongoing issues we have been having with Taleisha, we made a star chart. I have no idea if it will work or not but for the most part I am at my wits end in trying to work out what to do, so nothing to lose really.

We had a good time making it and we sat down together and talked about what each of the items meant and what would happen when she did one of the items on the chart and then what would happen if she got so many stickers. I told her she would get a present, she loves present, what kid doesn't. Haven't quite worked out what said present will be though but figure by not mentioning a particular item we're not held to anything, so her present could be something simple as a lollypop or a banana. Whatever she picks I guess.

The two big items on there are eating all her dinner and going to bed, the other ones which she is reasonably good on and I guess to show her how it works, as she'll see she is getting stickers or stamps for doing these and so may be more inclined to do the big two, are listening when asked, putting away her toys and making her bed. Wish us luck.

I really want to try and get this chart the Doo Well Magnetic Reward Chart but so far I have only been able to find it in UK base stores. I've emailed one retailer to see if they post to Australia and what the postage costs would be like, given it's magnetic, I would dare say it could be quite heavy, so shipping may cost an arm and a leg. I like how you can change the activities as the child develops and you can reuse the same chart over and over.

And of course given she is such a little poser, here is a photo of Taleisha proudly showing off her star chart :)

Wish us luck!!!!

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