Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Surprise Playdate

This morning whilst the girls and I were out socialising, we recieved a call from my brother wondering what we were doing for the day, as he had my gorgeous little nephew for the day. Needless to say the girls and I hightailed it home, were my brother and this gorgeous little fellow met us there shortly afterwards.

He is such a little cutie, I love the fact that we are now close enough for our kids to grow up together.
Taleisha and Riley got along famously, they even tried to drive Taleisha's little red car together, it was very cramped but they looked super cute. Not only that they both deserved big pats on the back, as for a couple of toddlers they were sharing and playing very nicely together.

Riley also found himself quite entertained with Taleisha's barbie dolls, we got some photographic evidence that will be perfect for his 21st :) what do you think?

The kids had a great time today and I can't wait until they can get together again. It's just such a shame that my brother does not get custody of Riley all that often. Fingers crossed that situation gets better very soon.

The big boys also had a great afternoon, my brother and Andrew spent the afternoon playing the Wii, I think I can say that they both got a workout with that one :)
I can't wait for the next playdate!!! Hope we don't have to wait too long!!!


  1. Isn't that a coincidence! I posted about my nieces today after a visit with them!!

    Riley's so cute! It is lovely to have all the cousins grow up together :)

  2. Don't you just love the curls :)