Sunday, January 11, 2009

Taleisha Jade's arrival

So from the beginning, this may turn into a bit of an epic, so grab a comfy chair and a cuppa and read on!!!

After the failed induction on the previous Wednesday, I went in to the hospital on Friday for observations and a general check up. Well that was the last time I saw home, thankfully we had all my stuff in the car just in case. The midwife monitored the baby with the CTG and all was good on that front, well once I'd had a glass of water and had woken her up so she was moving around. My tests on the other hand weren't that good at all, my blood pressure was high and the urinalysis came back with positive proteins. The midwife made a quick phone call to my obstetrician and well it was hospitalized bed rest for me until either our little miss made her arrival or my next scheduled induction date on Sunday the 12/1/06. My obstetrician came in and checked up on me later in the evening and you would not believe it but another urinalysis later and with positive proteins had disappeared although my blood pressure was still reasonably high. My obstetrician had no idea what to do with me and was contemplating sending me home with the proviso that I had to return to the hospital over the weekend for checkups. In the end as I was feeling like a yoyo it was decided that I would be staying but I could have some day leave over the weekend, YAY!!!

So I spent the weekend reading magazines, watching TV, playing computer games, gazing out my window at the city and ocean (was very happy with the view!!!) and visiting the shopping centre. Hubby and I had a good couple of hours at the shops looking at all the things we could buy for our baby when she arrived. I was also constantly monitored and bed rest seemed to do very little for my blood pressure, it was all over the place, up one minute and down the next. I think my body was trying to play tricks on everyone and just keep us all guessing on what it would do next.

Finally the hour I had been waiting for arrived, induction time. It was 3.30 a.m. on Monday morning and the midwife came in and hooked me up to the CTG monitor for about half an hour. Our baby was really active and her heart rate was perfect and doing exactly what it was supposed to do. They then inserted the celedix (sp?) which is the same as the prostaglandin gel except it's a piece of thin paper attached to string so it can be easily removed which slowly releases the prostaglandin. The midwife then continued to monitor the baby's heart rate and unfortunately that's when things turned a little sour. The prostaglandin had only been in a few minutes when the monitor showed that the heart rate had dropped and there were no longer any variations. It also showed that with every tightening that I was having there was a further drop in the baby's heart beat, the midwife wasn't happy at all and after monitoring for about 20 minutes and consultation with another midwife my obstetrician was given an early morning phone call and the printouts from the CTG were faxed to him. He instructed that the prostaglandin was to be removed straight away and that the baby was to be monitored for another hour to see if her condition improved. Thankfully after about 10 minutes her heart rate returned to basically what it had been prior to the celedix been inserted. So now we had to hope that the 40 minutes that the celedix had been inserted for did the trick.

My obstetrician called in first thing in the morning and we discussed my options, which had slowly dwindled. Andrew and I discussed it and both agreed that a healthy baby and a healthy mum was the only outcome we were interested in. We also decided that if my obstetrician was in two minds about breaking my waters then we'd rather take the safer option and go with the c section. So at about 2 p.m. my obstetrician returned and he checked my cervix and unfortunately the prostaglandin had done very little, if anything at all. My obstetrician basically said that he could just get his finger tip in and he wasn't certain whether he would be able to break my waters. So from that point after two failed inductions our decision was made for us. I was then met with a myriad of people and paperwork. The anesthetists came in and explained exactly what he would be doing. We were very impressed, as he was really down to earth and made sure we understood everything. We then had another wait on our hands, mind you it was only for an hour and a half and then it was prep time. First thing was my midwife (who was male) came in and gave me a shave. I can honestly say there is nothing comforting about a male with a razor going anywhere near your pubic region!!!

I then got changed into my sexy hospital gown and I was wheeled down to theatre where I was then placed into a waiting area whilst the theatre was being prepped. Minutes later I was wheeled around outside the theatre room. I then had to get off my nice bed and walk in and sit on the operating table. However somebody had forgotten to put a blue sheet down, so I got to have a good look around at what everyone was doing whilst waiting for the sheet. Funnily enough Andrew knew one of the doctors present has he had done his GNP at the hospital that he works at. Finally everything was set and it was time for me to sit on the table to get the spinal block. The one thing that I had been dreading, I was under the impression that it was going to hurt like hell and was quite pleased to find out this was not the case. The anesthetist explained absolutely every step of the way and it was quite surreal when the numbing sensation started. Although I was pretty sure it was still at my legs when my obstetrician asked if I could feel him pinching my abdomen with a sharp object. Guess not!!!!

So then it was show time, not that I could see as I had a sheet in front of me but I did do my best to try and see in the overhead light. It was quite strange to be able to feel then tugging and pushing things around but not actually feel any pain at the same time. Only minutes after they started the procedure and at exactly 5 p.m. I heard the best three little words I've heard in my life "it's a girl". She entered the world screaming definitely wasn't happy at been removed from her humble abode. After been shown to me for a few seconds she was handed straight to the pediatrician who had to give her a little bit of oxygen as she was a tad mucousy. Andrew then got to cut the cord, the look on his face at the time was priceless, I don't think he could have looked any prouder if he tried. Our little girl was cleaned up and handed straight to me. I will definitely remember that moment forever. Our anesthetist must have been in the paparazzi in a previous lifetime has he was in control of our camera and we have so many photos, it's awesome.

After Taleisha was born and whilst the nurses/doctors started cleaning up, they turned on the music and had No Doubt's "I'm just a girl" playing rather loudly. Hubby and I had a little giggle especially considering I'm a bit of a No Doubt fan, so we thought it was rather fitting.

Whilst all this was happening my obstetrician was still busily working away, killing two birds with one stone so to speak, as he removed the cyst which was about 5cm big and attached to my left ovary whilst he was at it. He then sewed me back up, which I could clearly see in the light as the sheet had been lowered and I just couldn't help but watch. I was then off to recovery where I stayed for a while.

Andrew and Taleisha were taken to the nursery were she was weighed, tipping the scales at 3.9kg and measured. A little while later I was wheeled back to my room still attached to a myriad of things which didn't matter when I saw Andrew and our little princess waiting for me in the room. From there I have fallen more and more in love with my little girl with every passing moment. We did have a couple of rocky days were she wouldn't settle and then a day of breast refusal which was very disheartening and found me looking like a milk cow with the electric breast pump attached to both breasts, I'm sure it would have made a funny photo!!! For now we are enjoying every little moment and loving being a family. I'm so happy to finally be able to call myself a MUM!!!

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