Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To Fringe or Not To Fringe

It is time for me to give my hair the royal chop, but this time instead of doing the annual trim and clean up I would like to try something new, a new style, maybe even some colour. However considering I've never coloured my hair nor have a really had any particular style, this is a complete new world to me. My hair is dead straight, probably medium lenght and the darkest of browns. My hair also parts in the middle and I have a cowlick :)
So I've been looking online at some different hairstyles and have found a few that I am quite partial to, no idea if it would suit me though.

I like these two of Jennifer Anniston and Nicole Ritchie but given my cowlick don't think the part would work. Nicole's is probably a bit longer than I would like too, I think I want to go shorter, but how short I haven't quite figured out yet.

This hair do of Reece Witherspoon's I am quite partial to, I have had the odd fringe in my time and I don't think they look too bad on me. It's more the fact that I am quite slack when it comes to the up keep of my hair. So I get a fringe cut in and then I almost immediately start to grow it out again. So maybe the fringe would be a bit too much work for me after all.

Now if I was to have a complete drastic change I really love this look ok Keira Knightley's, I think it looks really fresh and young. The question is could I go that short, I've always had long hair and although my hair cuts I have gradually managed to get shorter, I have yet to make that leap above the shoulders, it seems a scary prospect to me. I know it's just hair and it will grow back but if it sucks I'm stuck with it until I can at least tie it back. I have to say that Keira's do is my favourite, oh gawd could I seriously do it!!!

I also want to put some colour in my hair, I'm thinking just some highlights, maybe just some lilghter browns to hide the ever increasing greys, as i really like my natural colour.

So which do, do you think would suit me best? or are there any other suggestions?


  1. Wonder why you are feeling inspired??? heehee As for style I have NFI I make my hairdresser decide for me, they do it all cut & colour - no decision making here for me.

    I did do the fringe about 6 months ago and it drove me batty, that said I am actually thinking when I go back in a few weeks I might just get my current one a little shorter??

    I would start with asking for recommendations for hairdressers in your area and go from there ;)

    Rambling now

    PS - need to work out that walking thing too....

  2. I would say post a front on pic of yourself and let us decide! It's hard to say what would suit - they are all lovely styles. I'm working towards a fringe like Nicole's at the moment.