Sunday, January 18, 2009


I've just spent my afternoon happily spending on my credit card. I was invited to a tupperware party and as a self confessed addict I just could not say no. Mind you as I walked out the door I heard a slight echo that resembled my husband's voice saying "don't spend too much" but like I said it was only an echo, so can't say for sure if it had in fact said it. Yeap that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I spent the week beforehand trying to suss out what i wanted to get. I had decided to definitely get a bowl from the illusions range and beyond that I was easy to be swayed. Well one of the first things out of the tupperware lady's mouth was that the illusion range was being discontinued, oh shit, there goes my plan to acquire one piece at a time, sorry husband, i may be spending a little bit more than I intended :) so I bought the set. doesn't it look lovely :)
I also got the large season serve, looking forward to making some yummy marinated chicken kebabs in that little number.
I also wanted to get these divided bowls for the girls but figured I'd probably done my dash on the other two items, so they're definitely on my list for next time.

I was also toying with the idea of getting Taleisha this Alex tumbler but thankfully realised that we have more than enough plastic cups, so saved myself some cash. But it was pretty bloody cute!!
So I have had my tupperware fix for now so feeling very happy :) Now i just can't wait for it to be delivered, so i can play with it :)

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  1. HAHA ... Wow talk about blast from the past! WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING IN WA!!!? AND OMG not ONE but TWO babies!!! ... So happy you!! :) (well not sure about the WA part -haha but the kidlet ones DEFINATELY!) Okay I'm off to catch up!!

    Lovely to hear from you *squeeze*