Thursday, January 22, 2009

Up, Up and away

I am currently waiting for the washing to dry on the line so I can finish packing my suitcase, I only have two pairs of pants that currently fit me which are not found in the maternity aisle :) The girls are both all packed, Taleisha has her own little wheelie suitcase, which is ultra cute, will have to get some photos with her with it tomorrow.

Once hubby has finished messing around with the big mother computer, I am going to log on to Qantas website and checkin, pick my seats and print out my boarding passes then it is all go for tomorrow.

I am so excited, I know South Hedland is a preverbial shit hole, but I'm not going there for the scenery (of which there is none, thinking I'm not going to get a job with South Hedland tourism any time soon), I'm going to see my mum and my younger siblings, I can't wait to see them all tomorrow, and I can imagine that they are just as excited to see me, OK scrap that, they are just as excited to see Taleisha and Mackenzie :)

It's just a fly in visit but to make sure we got the most out of our time, we are leaving at the ungodly hour of 5.30 in the morning, the girls are going to be mighty impressed with that one.

Taleisha is super excited she loves flying, she's been talking about going on the plane for the last couple of weeks, my little jet setter.

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  1. Am sure you will have a great weekend Kat! Will catch up when you return as I should have some clothes for you ;) Work out that walking place too me thinks.