Saturday, February 28, 2009

February: the month that was...

Keeping up with what I stated I would do in January, here is the month that was for February, hehe I started this in January, straight after my other post, so I couldn't forget, LOL.

February: the month that was...

1. We bought a new high chair, a lovely red little number from Ikea, it was a bargain and so much easier to clean and Mackenzie can actually see what is on the tray and what she is eating.
2. The girls started their swimming lessons, Mackenzie's first ever swimming lesson and Taleisha's first at the new pool and with new instructor. Mackenzie loved it and after some coaxing into the water so did Taleisha.
3. Said goodbye to my nephew Riley, he's off to NSW with his mum, no idea how long for.
4. Had our first rental inspection, we passed with flying colours, although we need to water the grass more, yeah whatever, I'm not doing it more than the water restrictions permit, so bah humbug to them.
5. Submitted Taleisha's enrolment forms to Pioneer Village School for Kindy, she will likely miss out this year, but fingers crossed she will get into the K4 program next year.
6. Hubby put in for annual leave for two weeks in January next year and got it, the plan is to go to Bali with my mum, step dad, sister and brother, should be an awesome trip.
7. We hosted morning tea at our place for my local mum's group, it was a lovely day and my girls had a ball, even if the house did resemble a bomb site afterwards.
8. I cried watching the news hearing about the Victorian bushfires and the devastation that it caused.
9. Taleisha turned three, OMG she is a big girl now, we visited Scitech for her birthday, they were having a toddlerfest, she and daddy had a wow of a time, will be in on the must visit again list.
10. We had a visit from the ECHN and are getting a referral to a physio for Mackenzie’s lack of leg use.
11. OMG I applied for a job and completed an online assessment, don’t like my chances but now to wait and see if anything comes of it
12. Went to Belmont Kidz Fest with the girls, lots of free rides and activities, we all had a ball even if we did end up a tad red, it was hot.
13. I joined a new mum’s group with the early childhood centre, I think it was called Gigglers, not too sure if it’s the right one for me but will give it a bit longer. I think I miss my old mum’s group to much, that’s more than likely the problem and this new group of girls just aren’t measuring up besides the fact that there is 3 times the number of my last group, love ya lots Taryn, Megan, Melissa and Sarah!!!
15. Bought a new fridge, the old one wasn’t big enough, especially as we left the shed fridge behind when we moved so no room in this fridge when we entertained, that problem is well and truly fixed now, the new one is enormous.
16. I sewed, my home economics teacher is probably rolling over in her grave, I sucked big time in highschool, but I’m pretty chuffed with my creations so far.
17. Mackenzie learnt to wave, she’s very Queen like when she does it to, tres cute.

It's been a pretty massive month with Taleisha's third birthday party and all that excitement, however by the looks of my calendar March is going to be just as busy, looking forward to the second half of the year when things start to slow down a bit, less birthdays thats for sure. :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Sewing attempt #2: Oliver & S Lazy Sunday Skirt

I hit spotlight again earlier in the week armed with a new pattern, the Oliver & S lazy sunday skirt (find pattern here), it looked simple enough, so I thought what the heck, for project number 2 I'll give it a go. I bought some lovely patterned floral material and Taleisha picked out a yellow ribbon with orange flowers on it, sounds garish I know but it looks ok, honest!!!

So tonight I thought I'd give it a go and I surprised myself it was extremely easy. It probably took me a little longer than it estimated but given it's only my second go at sewing something, I think I have an excuse. I did decide after I'd already sewed the selvage edges together that the length was a bit long so I gave it a quick trim whilst I was going. It's still probably on the long side but she should get some wear out of it that way.

I'm thinking of buying a cheap white singlet and appliquing a love heart or something in the same material to match the skirt I think that would be a very cute little outfit :)

So here is my skirt, I'll endeavour to get a photo of my little model in it tomorrow.

I also managed to fix the pants I made the other day for Mackenzie, I undid the hem and added an extra band of material in and then redid the waist band, it probably looks a bit daft but I don't think anyone will be looking that closely and I didn't want to waste or resew the pants. At least now they fit :)

I'll definitely be making this one again!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Retiring from my job as lady of leisure

Ha yeah right, lady of leisure, who am I kidding. Maybe if that involved you being an unwashed sleep deprived banshee, yeah then that's me :)

My maternity leave (well my paid portion) is due to run out in a few months time and given I will not be returning to my job in the impending future, it's time to start looking for an alternative way for me to earn an income. That is very scary prospect, I've been with my previous employer for over 8 years, I know what to expect, it's comfortable but now I'm in the big unknown, I have no idea how to apply for jobs, respond in interviews, and all that over foofah eek.

Hubby has suggested I look at social work jobs with the government, given I do have a degree in that field it would make sense but I just don't know, I don't know if that's what I want to do. However I do concede that I do need to do something, so I've looked but thankfully nothing has jumped out at me yet, this is probably has I do not yet feel the urgency behind the need to apply for something, after all for the time being we still do have a bit of cash trickling in on my behalf.

Today I thought about maybe getting fit enough to think about reapplying to get into the force here, but am not too keen on the idea of working shift work again, hells bells if they could fast track me straight back into the courts again, I think I'd jump at the chance but I know the response I'll get is that we don't employ prosecutors we employ for the road, so I'll have to do the hard yards there before I can get my Monday to Friday dayshift job. That said I really don't want to turn my back on all the work I did in SA, so it still remains an option, if not right now but definitely down the track when the kids are a little bit older.

Another idea I've had is getting my Austswim and getting a job as a swimming instructor, but that's going to cost about $350 at least and no guarantee of a job and I have not seen any advertised yet. I know the old saying you've got to spend money to make money as well, but in reality we don't have that much left over for me to splurge on a course and secondly with Mackenzie still breast feeding, I can't really take off and leave her for the weekend to complete it. Can anyone say excuses!!! I really need to just bite the bullet, book the course and put the money aside and just do it.

I did apply for a job last week for which I got put through to the online assessment. However after a rocky start yesterday with my internet connection dropping out just after I started the test, I completed it tonight and to be honest I'm not feeling very confident about it. It is a very poorly written program and God only knows what they hope to gather from it. For a starters they test your arithmetic with ridiculously large sums but you are told to use a calculator, wow you know I can push some buttons into a machine and type the answer it computes, seems daft to me. Then the reasoning questions were just bizarre. Whoever wrote the Launchpad program must have been snorting some serious acid.

I'm really dreading returning to the work force (if you hadn't gathered that by now), I really am enjoying being a stay at home mum to my girls. I can't even to begin to think how much childcare is going to cost for the two of them and I really don't want to have to put them into care. I wish we could afford for to stay at home with the girls but at the moment I know that isn't a practical option. Maybe I should go buy some lotto tickets and hope for a big win, then I could seriously become a lady of leisure. Ok maybe not but hey it would be nice. Given that that is not likely to happen, I'll be hitting the job search engines and crossing my fingers that the perfect part time barely at work high paying job is out there for me :)

For now I'll enjoy the days left as the unwashed, sleep deprieved, shrieking banshee...and those lovely soft cuddly hugs, sloppy kisses and "i love you mummy"'s, oh the joys of being a stay at home mum.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Microwave Marvels

This afternoon I decided to make a cake, so I pulled out a Christmas present of mine, a cookbook entitled the "Best of kids cooking" and found a recipe that sounded like a bit of fun for Taleisha and I to attempt, it was a Marble Cake.

Here is the recipe:
Marble Cake

Ingredients -
340g packet vanilla cake mix (we did not have that so made it from scratch using 2 cups SR flour, 3/4 cup sugar, 125g butter, 3 eggs, 1/2 cup milk and 1/2 tsp of vanilla essence)
1/3 cup plain flour, sifted
1 tbsp cocoa powder, sifted ( we didn't use this one as the pictures will soon show :) )
2-3 drops strawberry essence
2-3 drops red food colouring

1 1/4 cups icing sugar
30g butter, melted
1 tablespoon milk

1. Grease microwave ring mould or round dish
2. Make up cake mix following the microwave directions on the packet. (I made the above up as I would normally to bake and it worked fine) Fold in flour and divide mixture into three bowls (we only did two)
3. Add the cocoa powder to one bowl and mix well. (we omitted this one, Taleisha didn't want chocolate, she must be unwell :) )
4. Add the strawberry essence and red food colouring to the second bowl. Leave the mixture in the third bowl plain.
5. Put a tablespoon of each mixture alternatively into the cake ring until all the mixture is used up.
6. Use a skewer to lightly swirl the colours together so it looks like marble - this is of course our the cake gets it's name.
7. Microwave on high for 4-5 minutes or until the cake is spongy. Let cool and then ice cake.
8. To make the coloured icing - beat the ingredients together then divide into bowls and add red food colouring or cocoa powder.

We didn't quite follow this to plan as picasso decided she wanted a pink and green cake, so we divided our mixture into two only and added rose pink and green food colouring. It looks pretty cool and I can't believe how quick and easy it was to make. This is the first cake I have ever cooked in a microwave and it was so super easy and ready in a flash that I think I will be doing it again soon.

Note to self - when letting three year olds help you in the kitchen never turn your back on them to get something out of the pantry as they will proceed to open said food colouring and pour the whole bottle into the icing mixture, talk about ghastly hot pink icing, lol.

Oh and here is a photo of picasso enjoying her creation :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pancake Day

Today is Strove Tuesday and in honour of this day, hubby is currently making up a nice big batch of pancakes.

Strove Tuesday is a feast day. A feast is one when you eat a lot of good foods in one go. On strove Tuesday, Christians traditionally feasted before lent. Lent is forty days before Easter and for Christians it is time for a fasting. So Shrove Tuesday is seen as a last chance to use up things like eggs and fats before the fasting started.

I love pancakes, my favourite would have to be the chocolate pancakes which I had at the Pancake Parlour in Melbourne, delicious served with icecream, cream, chocolate sauce and strawberries, yummo.

Today however we're whipping up just a simple basic pancake, this is our recipe.

Basic Pancake Recipe (serves 4)


2 cups self raising flour
1/2 cup flour
2tbs caster sugar
2 1/3 cup milk
80g butter, melted, cooled
1 egg, lightly whisked
extra melted butter (although we just use oil spray)


Sift flour into a bowl. Add sugar and stir well. Add milk, butter and egg. Whisk until well combined.

Brush small non-stick frying pan with a little of the extra melted butter. Heat over medium heat. Add 1/3 cup of mixture to pan. Cook for 2 minutes, or until bubbles appear on the surface. Carefully turn over and cook fro 1 minute. (we've got the cheaps method though as a lovely friend bought us a pancake maker for Christmas one year, so we just pour the batter into that and let it go). Repeat with the remainder of the mixture.

Transfer pancake to a plate, drizzle with your preferred topping and enjoy.

Our household favs are usually jam and cream or maple syrup, hmmm I love pancakes ;)

How are you enjoying your Strove Tuesday?

Monday, February 23, 2009


Earlier in the week I was going to have a whingey post about sleep but alas it must have been in my sleep deprivation, I forgot. When Mackenzie was only a few months old she started to sleep through, them fast forward a couple of months and with moving and driving around, she was waking two to three times a night. She did eventually get down to once a night, and I could cope with that.
Well early last week she slept through two days in a row, 8pm to 7.30am in the morning, fantastic, you would think lucky you, you got a full nights sleep. Well you'd be wrong, Mackenzie may have slept through, but a certain now 3 year old who answers to the name of Taleisha decided that she was going to have some night time fun. She was at my side of bed at 11pm, put back to bed, a couple of hours later she was back, so brought her into bed with us and it is was like a roller skate derby, it was insane. I don't think I had a one hour solid block sleep with her. Thankfully she only did that for a couple of nights, it just happened to coincide with the couple that Mackenzie decided to sleep through on.
Things reverted back to normal, the 4.30am-5am boobie feed and back to sleep for a couple of nights and then yesterday and last night, we've had two full nights sleep from both girls, what bliss!!! If only my body clock wasn't wired for that early morning feed I might actually get a full nights sleep.
ahhhhhhhhhh what bliss that would be!!! Every mother's dream!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

So I sewed

Yesterday I dusted off my sewing machine, which up until then it's major life achievement was being taken out of it's box and placed on the kitchen table awaiting inspiration to hit. I started with threading the machine, and OMG what an ordeal that turned out to be, with no one to call for help I had to perservere on my own and hope that what I was doing was right. It took a few goes but I had it whirring away on some scraps in no time.

I then needed to work out how on earth I used the fusible webbing, after some google searches came across some instructions that formed part of an irish costume but it was enough for me to figure out what to do. So I then bravely cut into my material, that's the hardest part for me, I feel like I'm going to ruin it.

Not long after that I came up with this little number.
and a close up of the M

I like it and it was super easy to do, next in line is one for Taleisha, I've already printed out the letter, just need to go get some thread, which I would have done today if it wasn't for WA's backward trading hours, seriously what's with no Sunday trading.

Today I whipped up a pair of pants in the same material as the M to match the top. I followed the directions to the letter but they didn't come out quite right, the rise on them is too small, it probably needs at least another inch and a half of material, so not too sure what I did wrong. It could be because of her cloth bum which makes it look worse than it is but she won't be in sposies when she's got them on, so I need it to work for them. Might if I feel brave give it another go but add a bit at the top. The photo I took of Miss Mackenzie modelling them hides the above problem, selective photography at it's best :)

I got Taleisha to try them on to see if they would fit her, given she has no bum but still the rise is just too small, looks like the pants are trying to cut in her half.

Oh well it was my first attempt and I can't expect miracles now can I, at least the top turned out really well and will go nicely with a pair of jeans until I figure out how to get the pants to work. NowI need to plan my next shopping spree as I have a couple of more patterns I've been given and I'm really keen to give them a whirl, I just need more material :)

Free to good home

One 9 month old baby girl, occasionally answers to the name of Mackenzie. Is utterly cute, has a mop full of dark wavy brown hair and a cheeky smile. She has a very infectious giggle and loves having her tummy tickled and blowing raspberries. She gives wonderful cuddles and big sloppy open mouthed kisses. She loves playing with her toys, big sister is the light of her life and cats tails are great toys, if they a re silly enough to lay in her reach. Feeds herself, although how much she actually eats is debateable and the mess, well you don't have kids if you can't handle the mess. She loves her boobie to the extreme. There is only one minor glitch, for the past week has done nothing but grizzle and whinge, and mum is at her wits end and is none the wiser to whatever the problem is. So if you're up for it, she's all yours :)

OK so I'm just kidding, but seriously what is wrong with my girl, we've dosed her up with some bonjella and panadol this morning after constant whinging from the moment she got up until a few seconds ago, were I gave up and just put her back into bed. Hoping she wakes up on the right side of bed this time.

She is naturally quite a clinghy baby and takes seperation anxiety to the extreme, but I was right here with her the whole entire time this morning, so that wasn't the problem. Oh and if you think I jest about the seperation anxiety, she doesn't even like going to Andrew some days and if she sees me in a room when someone else has got her the water works start, it's insane. But yes, so that hasn't been the problem. She does have a bit of a snotty nose, but besides rubbing it all over her face it doesn't seem to be causing her any other issues.

To some degree I think she is frustrated with herself and her inability to do what she thinks she can, such as reaching for a toy just out of her seated reach. It could possibly be a wonder week too, maybe more a horror week, I might go check the chart and see what it says. I really do believe if you worked out how to commando crawl at the very least, se'd be a happier kid, as she'll be able to follow big sis and me around, and she'd be able to get at whatever she wants to play with.

I do love her to pieces but full on days by yourself with a little one like this day after day, really does test your patience and your coping abilities. Thankfully in all this Taleisha has actually been well behaved, so that has definitely made life a bit easier.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I've been shopping...

and I'm sure Krys would be very proud of me.
I visited (or should I say braved, it was nuts) Spotlight this morning with the two girls in tow. I went with the aim to buy a pattern or two and some material to make said pattern with. I originally picked out a couple of patterns but considering every granny was there with a mountain of quilting fabric to be cut out, I had plenty of time to talk myself out of buying two patterns, lol, I'm good like that. I'll pick stuff up as I enter the store, walk around the shop and slowly most if not all finds it's way back on the shelf as I talk myself out of each item. This is the pattern I ended up coming home with, it's a cute girly dress with patching knickers and hat, don't know if I'll bother with the knickers or hat but I'm definitely looking forward to making the dress for Mackenzie and hopefully if it fits or I can modify it to make it a bit bigger one for Taleisha too.

However in stark contrast to my usual habit of talking myself out of things the longer I waited, it actually worked in the stores favour, as I grabbed a number and it was ages away so I continued to walk around the shop and picked up another three rolls of fabric that I wanted. I'm sure that was their aim all along, have slow as buggery staff on the cutting counter, so the customer gets bored and does more browsing whilst waiting. I came home with about a metre and a half of each of the below fabrics, anyone would think I have girls looking at that collection. The two bottoms one I'm hoping to make a dress each for the girls in, Taleisha in the pink (she picked it) and Mackenzie in the olive, I think it would look very cute. The other three, no idea yet, maybe might use one of them to put the girl's intials on a tshirt each for them, thinking the top one will work best for that.
After todays ordeal, I think I might leave my pattern and material shopping to the online variety, at least that way I can browse in the comfort of my own home and don't need to keep the kids occupied for over an hour, seriously!!! If it wasn't for the fact that our closest Spotlight is a fair drive, I think I would have left. So with that in mind, recommend me some good online shops or websites for easy to sew patterns (remember I'm a novice) and material.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

By any other name

I've always had an ongoing list of girl and boy names that I like, I just seem to add to it everytime I see a new name I like. Which means the list is getting rather long, lol, so I've decided to type it up here to put it somewhere central were I'll be able to keep it uptodate. I dare say any future children's names will be on this list.

I love the saying "What's in a name? that which we call a rose... By any other name would smell as sweet" I think that is where my name obsession stems from, I like to really think my names, I like long names, I like them to be reasonably unique but not weird and not preferrably on the top 100 list if I can help. I don't want to call my child's name out in a park and have 10 kids turn around. I also try to have something that will just roll off the tongue with my other kids names. I like to have short middle names, for the girls usually something florally or pretty. For the boys I'm thinking of using the family name John, but not completely sold on that. Guess I've got plenty of time to think that given we're not even TTC'ing yet. Oh and just to throw a spanner into the works some of the names I like go completely against the above and I also like to know what the names mean.

So here are my name lists.

Annabelle - loveable
Aislinn - dream vision
Addison - daughter of Adam
Brianna - strong, virtuous, graceful victory
Charlotte - petite and feminine
Felicity - happy and fortunate
Georgia - farm girl
Georgina - farmer
Guinevere - white wave
Isla - island
Jasmine - flower
Jolene - god increases
Kailani - sky, sea
Kalista - most beautiful one
Kelsey - port of ships
Kirrily - bark of tree
Lacey - Cheerful one
Marlee - from the high tower
Peyton - noble warrior's town
Ruby - precious red stone
Sahara - wilderness, desert
Samara - watched over by god
Indianna - from India
Shannon - little wise one
Sienna - reddish brown
Sierra - mountain, saw toothed
Kherington - (no idea what it means, it was the name of one of the contestants on SYTYCD last year and I loved it)

Keegan - small fiery one
Harrison - son of Harry
Jarvis - conquerror, war leader
Phoenix - an immortal bird who rose from it's ashes every 500 years
Shannon - little wise one (hubby does not like this one for a boy, pooey to him)
Ace - at one with humankind, unity
Alastair - helper or defender of the human kind
Bryce - ambitious, quick
Callum - dove, peace maker
Darcy - dark
Donovan - dark haired warrior
Hunter - huntsman
Hugh - bright mind / spirit
Jackson - son of Jack
Keiran - little, dark
Levi - joined in harmony
Maddock - lucky, generous, fortunate
Malachy - angel of god
Merrick - ruler of the sea
Patrick - noble
Zachary - god remembers
Zachariah - god remembers
Zander - helper or defender of human kind

I love reading and talking about names, even when we've finished our family, I think I would still be looking at names and adding to my lists.

Whilst looking at names on the net I came across this photo on Flickr, it's a pregnancy portrait, I love it, what a perfect way to remember your pregnancy and display your future baby's name, just gorgeous.
flickr photos

edited 22/2/09
Some boy names that I omitted from my list, tis was probably because Andrew as already vetoed them, but hey I like them, it also proves how much an influence movies are.

Jonah - been a fan since I watched Sleepless in Seattle
Dominic - liked it since i watched Kindegarten Cop
Sebastian - I think this one was from Neverending Story ;)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The List Revisited

Back in early January I posted a list of things I would like to achieve before the end of the year that I turned 29 in, which would funnily enough be this year. :) see the original blog entry here

We are now half way through February and I figured it was high time I revisited the list and see how I was getting on. So here is the list revisited.

1. Excersie for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week. - sadly not even close, I have gotten extremely slack, I however am just about to buy a rowing machine, so hopefully that will be able to help.

2. Lose 10kgs - I had lost about 3kg but haven't weighed myself for a couple of weeks, so I don't know if I'm still on the way up or down.

3. Plant a portable herb/vegie patch - whoops forgot about that one.

4. Read 50 books - I've only managed 3 so far, think I might struggle to reach 50.

5. Blog regularly - by the looks of my blog I'm well on track here :)

6. Obtain my Austswim qualifications - I've looked into but we don't quite have the dollars yet

7. Spend more time with my family - I could probably make more of an effort here, less time on here would probably help, but I am making sure the girls and I have one outing a day about them.

8. Get professional family photos taken - done, just need to pay for them

9. Spend less - all credit cards have been removed from wallets to eliminate impulse purchases, which has really helped and I have returned to using layby, so I really have to want the item to layby it. So yes I'm doing well here.

10. Be more concious of my environmental footprint - trying, I'm concious of the power we're using, but more on a financial level then environment at the moment.

11. Get my hair cut and coloured - I've been looking into, just haven't got the courage to do it.

12. Eat less takeaway food - I blame Andrew he's a bad influence :)

13. Use my sewing machine - I brought it out of my room and set it up on the kitchen table, it is now back on the floor, but yet to be used, it's a start.

14. Make a large painting for our lounge room - I found what I want to do, just need to buy the supplies

15. Take Taleisha and Mackenzie to the Zoo - nope

16. Take Taleisha and Mackenzie to the Aquarium - nope

17. Do something every week that is just for me - probably neglecting this one, unless you count blogging

18. Go to the movies at least once without the girls - yeap I went to see Australia with my mum, my lil sister babysit the kids :)

19. Start Christmas shopping early and have it finished before the mad season starts - my present box is getting fuller every day, I've picked up some mega bargains too.

20. Make new friends - I joined a new forum and have met a lovely bunch of girls with whom I now catch up with weekly and I also just started going to a gigglers session which looks like turning into a mother's group.

21. Keep in contact more with old friends - I've been trying to email every couple of weeks to my two besties in Adelaide and trying to message people were I can. I think I'm doing OK, I could probably email Jo and Jess and Laina and Amanda a bit more, sorry girls!!!

22. Read more to my girls - yes and no, I've been reading lots to Taleisha but Mackenzie not so much.

23. Go on a family holiday - nothing in concrete yet but a trip to Bali is very likely in the pipeline for January next year.

24. Transition my baby girl into cloth overnight - um not yet

25. Get Taleisha to eat more fruit and vegetables, this may prove harder than it looks - a battle of wills here, we'll keep serving.

26. Try a new recipe at least once a fortnight - thanks to my super food ideas subscription, we're doing great guns here.

27. Relax more - again does blogging count

28. Go to the beach - we've been down to Fremantle once and Scarborough, so two trips to the beach but haven't gotten into the water yet.

29. Work out a five year plan - whoopsie forgot about that one too

I think given I'm only one month in, I'm doing ok. Still lots to do.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Poor bubba

of the big variety.

Yesterday after lunch, we heard Taleisha scream and then start a very real pain cry. She came out complaining about a sore bottom and wanting ice. Ice is her little pink butterfly bump buddy and a cure for many ailments. First we tried to work out what she had sat or fallen on but then it occurred to me that she was completely nude. This is a little habit she has when she goes to the toilet, especially when she was wearing a dress like yesterday.

Now for the TMI, I asked her if she'd hurt her bottom doing a poo and she said yes, so we drew the conclusion she was constipated, not that we could work out why considering she drinks water like no tomorrow. We checked the medical box for anything that would help her, the only thing we had was castor oil, Andrew put some in a medicine cup for her she blankly refused it. She also refused anything else. I let her snuggle into me and we made a quick makeshift nappy with a terry flat that sat loosely around her buttom, as it hurt her when you tried to clean it, so figured a nappy would help for now.

I then had to dash out, it was the first meeting of my new mother's group. I was gone about two hours, when I came home she was fast asleep on her father's lap on the couch, so not like our little girl, so it's usually a good sign she's not well. When she woke up she seemed a little bit chirpier but still hot and quite cuddly, not wanting to let us go, I gave her a dose of panadol with the syringe. I then had a brainwave that we could do the same with the castor oil, we might get some into her doing it that way.

We then took her to the shower were we could clean her up without hurting her, the shower really helped wake her up and change her mood completely. Andrew also get her to take some castor oil, she took about half of what it had put in the syringe, I figured it was better than nothing. Also thought given the oil it would be safer to put a nappy on her tonight. The poor chook.

Anyway around 9pm the castor oil did it's thing, my poor bubba girl, Andrew had to go to her as she was on the loo in quite a bit of pain but thankfully she managed to pass what Andrew described as a massive round and long poo, no wonder she was in so much pain. Hoping that was it and she'll be right as rain today.

now that turned into a mammoth post about poo, how charming :)

Monday, February 16, 2009


I'm feeling a tad delicate today, no real reason for it. Just feel that the things that matter to me don't rate a mention with anyone else, quite melodramatic really. I feel that what I write, say or do is insignificant, not worthy of comment. Like I said highly melodramatic but I guess we all have these kind of days. I thought I was doing really well as I haven't had a bad day like this in ages, but things have just come to the surface after feeling like my girls and I are being ignored, and that hurts. Hey I might not be reading it right but that's the way it looks and I guess it's one of the reasons I stopped talking and particularly online stopped posting their photos and talking about them as much as few people were interested in them and that hurt, so it was easier to stop altogether, save myself from that hurt. I think the thing that then mande it worse is that no one noticed that there were no new photos, no updates, no one asked to see them. It makes me question my membership, do I really belong somewhere where I feel lost and not appreciated. I have thought about leaving time and time again but I just can't seem to break my ties, it's a vicious cycle, there is too many people that I would like to stay in contact with, which over weighs my desire to leave and stop the hurt.

I for a little while thought if I put myself out more, commented and spoke more to others put myself out there it would change but I feel positive for a little while but them my esteem eventaully returns to where I am now, feeling very deflated. I feel like going in there and removing my posts as everytime I go in their it's a reminder to me of how much my news does not matter, the only time I've sparked any interest previously is when I had a little hissy fit and I have no intention of doing that in there ever again, it felt so superficial afterwards.

I might just have a break from their for now, it really is having quite a negative impact on me, hate feeling like this, so I'm going to go spend some time with two little people who know I exist and love me to pieces!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Clean Sheets

One of my favourite things in the whole wide world is the feeling of getting in bed with crisp clean sheets, I love it, that freshness and that clean smell everything about it just makes me feel all nice and gooey :) When we've changed the sheets, I guard the bed, I have to be the first into the bed to experience the sensation all to myself, I can not share it, if hubby beats me to bed I get all annoyed as it is my thing to lap up the clean sheetness :)

So tonight I am looking forward to snow angelling in my nice clean sheets, and I don't even have to worry about the hubby beating me as he has gone to work, so I've got the clean sheets all to myself. I know I'm strange but going to bed after I've changed the sheets is something I look forward to, lmao.

Now that I've shared my little odditty, what strange quirks do you have?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fairy Birthday Bash

Today we had a fan-fairy-tastic party, Taleisha was a very cute fairy, whilst the costume stayed on that is, she had about three outifit changes by the end of the day, talk about a diva. The cake turned out well and I made a yummy malteser fudge slice. Mackenzie also had her own fairy outfit and she looked uber cute, although we both ended up covered in glitter.
Taleisha had a ball, she loved playing wth all her friends, especially "Rashleigh" they seemed inseperable. All the little fairies runnng around my house looked awesome. she had such a good day, that she was exhausted and went to bed without an argument to be had.

Andrew also had a big day, given he worked night shift the night before he was pretty knackered. My brother and Andrew however hit the drinks, and both were a bit under the weather, he's been sent to the couch, I'm not sleeping next to a brewery, yuck!!!
I was very pleased with the way the birthday cake turned out. I made butterflies out of freckles and ellybeans, Taleisha raided all the freckles off the cake :) branches out of fruit sticks and spearmint leaves and used some miniature barbie Mariposa figures to bring in the fairy theme. It was a banana cake with cream cheese icing and it tasted so good.
It was a really good day, and now I have a three year old. OMG how did that happen!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday to my Fairy Princess

To my dearest Taleisha,

Today is your 3rd birthday and I have been truly blessed to have spent these past three years with you, you have taught me a love like no other and I feel blessed to have watched you grow into the beautiful little person that you are today. I love each day with you, even the testing ones, and I look forward to seeing you grow and develop and I never stop imagining what you will be one day, whether that be a doctor or a garbologist. Just know that as long as you're happy, I couldn't ask or want anything more, and when you're sad I will always be there with a shoulder to cry on or to pick you up and get you back on your feet with a big cuddle and a kiss.
To celebrate your third birthday we took you to Scitech, and given our perfect timing they had an exhibition called Toddlerfest on, perfect for a certain toddler celebrating her third birthday. She had an awesome time, running from activity to activity, having a go at anything, watching the puppet show, blowing bubbles, patting baby farm animals, you name it, she gave it a go. I loved the laser harp, I could have played that thing for hours. I think Taleisha liked the animals the best, she couldn't stop talking about it. It is definitely on our do again list.
Tonight we are having macaroni cheese for dinner, that's what she asked for and a mini cupcake as her birthday cake after dinner (still need to ice that one ;) ) Then tomorrow the excitement starts. She was spoilt today we bought her a play kitchen, personalised apron, birthday girl tshirt and a charm bracelet, her little sister got her the Tinkerbell dvd and a Maisy cooking tin lunch box. She also got some books (Reading Eggs was one of those, looking forward to giving that a go), some kitchen supplies, a fairy barbie and some cash from her grandparents and aunties and uncles.
Happy 3rd Birthday Taleisha, I hope all your dreams come true and you enjoy your birthday presents, I can’t wait for you to start cooking up a many a creation in your play kitchen. I also hope you have a blast of a time with your friends at your fairy party tomorrow.

Love mum

50 Things I love about you

50 Things I love about you
1. Your big brown eyes and never ending eyelashes, you are always getting comments about your eyes and they are truly beautiful, you have been blessed in that department.
2. I love to sit and brush your long wavy brown hair, it is gorgeous and I love how you are happy to let me play with it creating an array of interesting hair dos :)
3. The ringlets that appear in your hair after it has been wet.
4. The way you start each morning exclaiming that the sun is up, so we must get up.
5. Your cuddles, they are big and squishy.
6. Your sloppy kisses, my dribble princess.
7. The way you will come up to me and give me a big hug and say I love you too :)
8. Your love of pink, if we would let you I think everything you owned would be pink, as it stands you're pretty close to it.
9. Your unbelievable sense of fashion, you just seem to be able to put clothes together and unlike when your father dresses you, your colours rarely clash.
10. How you fear the vacuum cleaner, it doesn't matter what room you're in as soon as you hear the vacuum cleaner you freak, you stop what you're doing and run to the living room lounge were you perch yourself out of harm’s way.
11. This also drives me batty but it definitely makes you uniquely you, your desire to only eat white food and barely anything else.
12. The fact you love your pasta just as much as mummy.
13. When you trip and hurt yourself, you immediately ask for ice, we give you your pink butterfly bump buddy and suddenly it is all alright again.
14. How you get excited about the thought of going to the shops and doubly excited when that shop is Big W, you will yell out Big W as soon as you see the sign, it always brings a smile to face.
15. And when out shopping you will grab clothes off the rack and show them to me, proclaiming them to be cute. You would happily grab every item and show them to me, it would keep you occupied for hours.
16. How you would then try to sneak all sorts of items into the trolley whilst we weren't looking, we would always find ourselves at the cash register, wondering how on earth some of the things had found their way into the trolley.
17. Your invisible money, you are always happy to pay for things and when asked would always reach into your pocket and pull out a handful of money, unfortunately as yet no shop has accepted your money has payment. We'll keep trying :)
18. Fairies, Fairies, Fairies and more Fairies, you are obsessed, you love everything about them. Your favourite past time is dressing up just like them and waving your fairy wand around, sometimes resembling more of weapon then anything pretty and fairyish.
19. Your love of Dora the Explorer, Maisy and your newest fav Teletubbies. You can happily sit and watch these shows for hours, if only your nasty mummy would let you.
20. Mulan, I seriously thought you would be too young for this movie, but you love it and I think that is really cool. I love it too, hence mummy already owned it before you were even thought of :)
21. Your smile, I love it when you smile, it lights up your face and your eyes glisten.
22. Your giggle, it is a combination of pure evil and mischief and cuteness all rolled into one.
23. Those early mornings when you've woken up and you come crawling into bed with me wanting a cuddle and to sleep in the big bed with mummy.
24. Your love of water, you love to swim, maybe mummy can live her Olympic aspirations through you, JK.
25. The way you love your sister, you are constantly wanting to be near here and always wanting to give her cuddles, even if sometimes it crosses the line into smothering and strangulation, good thing your sister loves you to pieces to.
26. How you try to console your sister when she is upset by telling her you're right here, and that it is OK, knowing that you are mimicking things that you have heard me say to here, this teaches me that I have to be extremely careful with what I say.
27. Your obsessive compulsive disorder, you must have the matching cutlery to go with whatever plate you're eating from, it drives your daddy nuts.
28. I love watching you play with your dolls, especially when you use your skirts as a make shift sling to carry the baby and when your baby is hungry, so sit down, pull up your top and try and breast feed the baby, it is so cute.
29. How you must go to bed with a baby each night, this requires the house to be searched from top to bottom in attempt to find baby some nights. we have only had to replace her once, but she is definitely starting to show wear from the love and attention you give her.
30. Your imagination, you love to make things with your cooking stuff and will constantly bring daddy and mummy cups of tea and toast.
31. When we are driving in the car and you see a bridge, you are directing us all to lower our heads to make sure we don't bump them when we go under the bridge. It makes me laugh every time.
32. The way you get excited every time you see your friends, it doesn't matter who it is, you are always happy to see them and will tell anyone that listens that they are your friend.
33. Your wicked sense of humour, you have me cacking myself on a daily basis.
34. Although this also has my heart in my throat, your dare devil nature, you are happiest jumping off couches into bean bags, people's arms, or even just jumping down stairs to the floor, scary stuff for mum, but you love it.
35. Your need for speed, I love how you always want to go so fast, especially when I'm pushing you in the trolley or carrying you in my arms, we have to go faster.
36. How you just want to dance, as soon as you hear music, you a wiggling your bottom and twirling around and around, you simply love to move.
37. Your independence, you're happy to play by yourself, you want to give everything a go yourself, whether it be dressing yourself to brushing your teeth or helping putting the shopping on the conveyor belt.
38. How you always want to help in the kitchen, you love doing the little jobs like stirring the mixes or helping pour things in or even help chopping. However you do not like to help when it means you get your hand dirty, like helping mum mix the dye in the play dough or rolling the meatballs, you'll tell me you'll get dirty hands and you will then become my supervisor, standing on your stool watching my every move but not daring to touch :)
39. Your obsession with hairclips, you always want at least two hairclips in your hair and if left to your own devices you would happily (and do) try to get every single hair clip in your hair at the same time, you also love putting them in your hair yourself.
40. How you like to help, you want to help cleaning the house, with the dishes, with the washing, you will try to sweep the floor, will get the dust ban and broom out, will pull the washing out of the machine and put it in the laundry basket, will turn the machine on, hand me clothing one by one to hang on the line, will even clean up the kitty litter if you go to the loo and see the cats have made a mess, a bit gross and mummy is trying to stop you from doing that but I love how you just want to help all the time, even with breast feeding, you will try and help by holding the breast for Mackenzie whilst she feeds :)
41. How when asked what you want for lunch you'll say chicken burger and chips, even though you've never eaten a chicken burger in your life :)
42. I love the fact that you take great joy in telling people that you are a cheeky monkey, so much so that the other day when visiting next door, when asked your name you said it was Cheeky Monkey. You definitely are our Cheeky Little Monkey. You also love telling people that that is what is written on your necklace.
43. When asked how old you are you happily say 2, I love when I ask what you will be on your birthday you say you will be 2 and 3, it is so cute, and I guess true to.
44. When you hold out your arms and pretend you’re flying, or a bird, or a plane. You look so cute skipping around the house pretending to fly.
45. I love how you have your daddy wrapped around your little finger, he really doesn’t stand a chance with you.
46. I love how you just love to talk, you can seriously talk with a mouthful of marbles under water, you will start up a conversation with anyone and anybody, your favourite topic of conversation is your sister.
47. You are my peanut butter junkie, you would happily (and do) stick your hand into the jar and eat it by the handful, hmm it must be tasty. Who needs bread.
48. How you are constantly learning and asking questions, it truly amazes me with some of the things you know and I have to wonder where you have learnt some things from, yesterday you were telling me all about your different body parts from your thumb to your ‘gina, you are such a smart cookie.
49. Painting, painting, painting and more painting, you just love it and I love your little master pieces that you create, if only I had more wall space to display them all. I also love how attentive to detail you can be when trying to colour things in, you try extremely hard to make sure you stay in the lines. You also take much satisfaction in mixing the colours, even if it comes out a murky black colour, you are always as happy as can be with the result.
50. But most of all I love you for the joy you have brought to my life, I can no longer think about life without you or how life was before you. You are the shining light that brings a smile to my face.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mackenzie's Health check

Today we had a home visit for Mackenzie's 8 month health check, even though she is 9 months old now, how on Earth did that happen and we'd only just had her check up done at 6 months so we didn't have any major concerns about her but figured they were coming to us so we may as well get it done :)

She was weighed and is now 7.83kg and nice and chubby, she has such cute little chubby thighs. Discussed her eating and the nurse said we should look at dropping her down to two main milk feeds a day and make her solids more of her main meal, well I don't think I'll be dropping her down to two, she's on between three and four now and I'm still happy with that, as well as the one overnight which granted is only about 15 to 20 mintues so I am prepared to live with that one. We're doing baby led weaning so there is no guarantee or real measure of exactly how much is going in her tummy, so I'm not prepared to withdraw feeds from her, I now how much is going on the floor, that's about the only definite.

We also discussed something that I had been a little bit concerned about, Mackenzie does not like to weight bear on her legs, if you stand her up, she will immediately pull her legs up, or she'll allow it for a second before she lifts her legs up. I thought it was cute to start with as she would cross her legs when she did it, actually I still think it's cute, I'm just also a tiny bit concerned that at her developmental age that she should be standing when I'm holding onto her hands without any real problems. So the home visit nurse (I forget her name, my bad) has suggested that we should probably look at a referral to a physio to get her looked at, and given there can be a three to four month waiting list we've agreed. You never know she could be walking in three to four months time, but if not I'd rather have her on the list now then doing something about it later down the track. Sometimes I think we may have hindered her development by not giving her as much floor time as we allowed Taleisha to have but Taleisha was so over zealous in those early days that it was safer to have Mackenzie in my arms out of harms way, or we were always out doing something so she was forever in the sling or the pram. Well what we did in the past can't be changed but we're going to try and do some exercises the nurse suggested and hopefully that will help Mackenzie start to use her legs some more.

Other than her refusal to stand in any way, shape or form, she is spot on for her developmental age, so overall it was a good check up. Taleisha was also weighed and she is sitting at just under 15kilos, but she fully clothed and had her shoes on, so it's prob closer to 14kilos. We also discussed the food issue with the nurse, and although she agreed it was perculiar that she had a preference to white food, she was getting plenty of nutrition from what we were offering and basically she looks healthy and to keep offering and doing what we're doing. So I guess that's it for this check up, two perfect kids with a couple of unique little idiosyncriacies.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New additions to the book case

Today in the mail I recieved some long awaited new additions to our bookcase, for me and my girls.
First one is an absolute favourite, we borrowed it from the library one day and just fell in love with it, good thing Taleisha loved it just as much.
It's called "Cuddle like a Koala" by John Butler, it has awesome illustrations and the story is about different things animals do and it is a great bed time story. Our favourite is the tiger and we love creating actions to each of the passages.
This one is for me, if you don't recognise the cover you've probably been living under a rock for the last few months, it's "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer, I'm looking forward to reading this one, I just hope it lives up to all the hype. It definitely sounds intriguing, vampires, love and all that. Hey I loved Buffy and Angel, so I'm sure I can dig this vampire/mortal couple :)
This one I'm really looking forward to reading, it's called "deceptively delicious' by Jessica Seinfeld, and I'm hoping it could be the answer to getting my lovely daughter to eating a few more vegies, it's got some recipes with hidden vegetables that I would never have thought of, like beetroot in chocolate cake, what the? who thinks of these things? Definitely going to give that one a go, more out of curiosity than anything else, I'm intrigued.

Blogspot Spotting

It appears I have been tagged by the lovely Liss from Frills in the Hills in a game of blogspotting, the idea is to show you my blogspot or where it is I plant my buttock to use my computer.

So here is my little spot. I sit on the corner of my couch with lots of pillows to make it ultra comfy. I have my laptop on a small coffee table directly in front of me. Also on the table is my "mum's plan it" diary, a notepad, the remote for the dvd playe, a soft cube block and a block sorter of Mackenzie's, underneath the computer is a travel guide and some mail. Underneath the table is Mackenzie's toy box.
I love my little spot, it is by no means glamorous, but it's comfy and it's a great place to relax, it also allows me to master that skill of more than one thing at once as the first photo shows, bubs eating, tv on and a game of word twist in progress :)
I now have to tag 5 other bloggers to show us where they blog and tag it back here.
I'm going to tag:
The Rules
So here are the official rules: Show Us Your Blog Spot!
1. Once you are tagged, post a picture of where you blog. This might mean a picture of your cozy bed, or your office at work (you naughty employee, you!) Feel free to be creative, but be honest--if your desk is usually covered in Ritz crackers and love letters to Brad Pitt, then show us!
2. Feel free to tell us a little about your space, or explain certain items in more detail. Or not.
3. Link back to this post. (I want to see how far this goes!)
4. Tag five other bloggers to show their blog spots.
5. If you are tagged and do not participate, you will become allergic to cabbage. (who wouldn't want to be allergic to cabbage now :) )

Monday, February 9, 2009

Biggest Loser V Amazing Race

After todays elimination on The Biggest Loser, I am really looking forward to next weeks episode. The island location that they have been on for the last week and a bit looks absolutely gorgeous, sunny Queensland at its very best. However I am very intrigued about next weeks episode where they all need to make their own way back to Sydney, very Amazing Race like.

I was very impressed that I managed to guess who was being eliminated today, hubby and I had a discussion about it and has much as I don't like Holly, she just irks me, I was pretty sure Ramses and Tania would be the ones eliminated as they proved the greater threat, this was because I believed it would be easier for them to pull large numbers to a certain extent to the two girls as they were not as heavy. So they would need to work far harder to lose the weight than Tania and Ramses. Although the rest of the contestants sugar coated their reasons, it seems that I was right in my synopsis :)

But anyway I'm definitely looking forward to next week. What an interesting concept, happy sailing to the biggest loser contestants.

The list

As referred to in this post, I said I would be back to show one of my lists, it's quite scary the amount of work I want to get done this week.

So without further ado - my list
  • Mop floors - partially done, still need to do the laundry and the bathroom but the living areas are done
  • Vacuum floors - I've only managed the rug so far
  • Mow lawns - done, although I can't lay claim to that one, and we need to get some more whipper snipper cord to do the edges
  • Fortnightly grocery shop
  • Birthday supplies grocery shop
  • Decorate birthday cake
  • Make cakes - done
  • Sew on velcro tabs on Taleisha's apron for her birthday - done
  • Assemble toy kitchen - can't do until Thursday night as we need to keep it under wraps, although Miss T has seen the box
  • Wrap presents - done
  • Confirm RSVPs - have sent messages out to non repliers :)
  • Prepare loot bags - I've written a list of what I want in them, just need to get the supplies
  • Clean outside area
  • Decorate outside and inside - still need to figure out how I'm going to make it fairyish :)
  • Clean outside chairs - done
  • Clean and move kitty litter into the ensuite bathroom (cats to also be moved into bedroom) - won't do until Friday morning and maybe Wednesday morning when people over for morning tea.
  • Wash car - done
  • Wash the dishes - done
  • Take washing off the line - done
  • Wash our clothes - done and on the line drying now

It's pretty mammoth, so I should probably get my butt off the computer and get moving, well I might wait for Miss Moo to wake up from her morning nap and then I'll hit the shops with the girls and get the groceries. Such an exciting afternoon outing :)

So devastating...

Not since 911 have I wept whilst watching the news but the Victorian bush fires have me in tears, I just can't comprehend the devastation and destruction that these bush fires have caused and the possibility that these fires were deliberately lit, well livid isn't a strong enough word.

Over 100 people have been killed and that toll is said to increase, the amount of property loss is unfathomable. I just can't comprehend what these people are going through. My heart was in my throat for a dear friend who was in the path of the fire but they are OK as is their property. But for alot of people they have nothing more than the clothes on their back however such is the human spirit they consider themselves the lucky ones, they after all still have their lives. It is always amazing to watch a community (or even a nation) come together at times like these.

The firefighters, police officers, ses workers and every other volunteer who are working tirelessly are the true heroes. You all put your lives on the lines to save others, you are my heroes.

The media is a real PITA, they seem to sensationalise these poor people's lives and for all those people going for a gawk you make me sick, get out of your bloody car and offer a hand, how can you be so selfish, this is not a time for sight seeing.

My thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to everyone who have been touched by these bush fires. I only wish I could do more.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Well it is now lunch time and I sit here on my couch as I type this happily still in my pyjamas, how slack can I be.

Not that slack honest, I've done the dishes, changed the kitty litter, brought a load of washing in off the line and put the kids clothes and the nappies onto the line, I've had a go at Wii fit, well just the body test, I couldn't be bothered with much more than that, hehe so maybe a little slack. oh and written a thousand lists of what needs to be done between now and next Saturday.

I just haven't felt like having a shower and getting dressed yet, glad we haven't had any surprise visitors or I'm sure I would have scared them off. My excuse is that hubby is on night shift and came straight home and went to bed, no offer to watch the kids so I could shower, so I haven't :)

Well it's about time i woke the boy up anyway (he isn't working tonight) and he needs to mow the jungle outside but before he does that he can watch the kids so i can have a blissfully long shower, my hair needs washing after all.

And just maybe I'll come back later tonight and share a couple of those lists, planning birthday parties can be a lot of work and I'm trying to figure out how to fairy up my daughter's party without it costing a small fortune. Any ideas?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

January: The month that was...

Well January seemed to have been over in a blink of an eye, looks like another year is going to be passing me by at lightening speen again, meaning my girls will be growing up all too quickly. They're growing fast enough as it is.

I've decided to document what happened in each month of the year, whether it be a milestone, new purchase, catch up with friends or family, just those things that stand out and where important to me.

So what happened in January:
  1. I saw the new year in, with my eyelids shut, at home in bed with my girls, maybe next year I can be a bit more of a party animal.

  2. I caught up with a good friend from Canberra who was on a long road tripping holiday, their last one as a couple, as little bunny is on its way!!!

  3. Seth, our cat, returned home after a 5 day jaunt in the bush. We thought he was gone, so were very happy to see him stroll into the house after 5 days as if nothing had happened.

  4. Went to our first birthday party for the year, a little play friend of Taleisha's turned 3, she had a ball playing in the park.

  5. Hosted our first dinner party for the year. I cooked a scrumptious curry chicken and vegetable pie for everyone (will post the recipe for that one later) . Our guests were my dad, step mum and her sister.

  6. Joined a new internet forum and met a lovely bunch of women and their kids. I am now meeting up with them weekly and loving the social outing each week, it is at my house next week and I'm really looking forward to it.

  7. Finally got some professional portraits of Mackenzie taken, will need to try again next time to get some nice ones of the two of them together as Taleisha was being a typical almost 3 year old and wasn't playing the game.

  8. Bought some new tupperware, this is important LOL

  9. Changed our home phone and internet service to Optus after some dodgy charges from Telstra and some very poor customer service.

  10. The girls and I visited my family in South Hedland for the Australia day long weekend, lots of swimming, shopping, eating and relaxing. Girls were both tremendous on the flight, Taleisha even well asleep on the flight home. Learnt that even though it is only for a weekend I should take big suitcase as if I only take a small one, I need to bring an extra bag home with me.

  11. I lost 1 kg, not a huge weight loss but a loss after all.

  12. Revamped the spare room and turned it into a playroom.
  13. Bought a new tv/dvd combo to relpace the 30 year old tv, a vcr and dvd set up that was previously in the spare room, it's purple and looks super cool :) And it was on clearance, so a bargain.
  14. Hubby finally bought a HD box set for the tv, he's now set, well he does have grand visions on replacing the tv now, one is never happy :)
  15. The best news for the month came when my best mate called me and told me she was pregnant, woohoo, so happy for them.

I also had a number of catch ups with some good friends, which I haven't seen more than enough of due to living interstate previously, so lovely the fact that I can now see them when ever I want, well social calendars permitting that it.

January was a pretty busy month for us and February doesn't look like it is going to be any quietier, especially with Taleisha's birthday party coming up!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Yummiest Banana Cake ever

Yesterday I had a bit of a bake-a-thon. I had to pre bake Taleisha's birthday cake, which I needed to make two ring cakes worth, and I had a lot of mixture left, so I also made about two dozen mini muffins (perfect size for little hands) and about half a dozen normal size muffins. I used a banana cake recipe I found on a forum that I visit and it was absolutely delicious, even my daughter who is the world's fussiest eater is eating these muffins and constantly asking for more.

Here is the how to of the yummiest Banana Cake EVER!!!

Preheat oven to 160c
Grease round cake tin

Mix all ingredients together
  • 2 eggs
  • 125 grams softened butter
  • 1 cup caster sugar
  • 1 1/2 cups self raising flour
  • 1/2 cup desicated coconut
  • 1/2 cup coconut cream
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 1 cup mashed banana (2-3 ripe bananas)

Pour into tin and bake for approx 1 hour. (we used a ring pan and it only took about 40 minutes baking time and the muffins 10 -15 minutes)

For the icing -> Cream 25g softened butter with 75g softened cream cheese. Mix in 1 1/2 cups of icing sugar and 1 - 2 tablespoons of lemon juice or milk. I haven't put the icing on yet, I've left the muffins plain and they still taste great. I'll be tackling the icing next week when I have to assemble Miss T's birthday cake.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My first swimming lesson

Yesterday Mackenzie had her very first swimming lession at Leisure World in Thornlie. It's a Swim Australia swimming school, for which I was very pleased. None of the classes involve the use of floaties, so the children a learning right from the start about their own abilities and not relying on the use of a floatie. Taleisha's old swim school used them, and it was the only thing I didn't like.

Mackenzie took to her swimming classes like a duck to water, she was a little star. We had been in the water with her a bit ourselves so it wasn't her first time so to speak but had put off lessons until we moved to WA, hence her lateish start. I was almost dumbfounded when our instructor said the babies wouldn't be fully submerged until about 4 or 5 weeks time, she saw my face when she said this and mistook me being scared of putting Mackenzie under water, pmsl, I told her that Mackenzie has well and truly been submerged, so we and another mum were given the OK to continue to do so, no point in going backwards when she is ok with it.

The classes are really just water awareness at mackenzie's age, but we both had a wonderful time singing and bouncing around in the water, can't wait to go next week. Here are a few photos from Mackenzie's first lesson.

are you ready, 1, 2, 3 under!!!

just checking you're still there, mummy!!!

hello possum :)

Taleisha also had her first lesson back after an extremely long hiatus. I was a little worried how she would go given the new surroundings, new instructor etc etc, she was quite attached to Bridget, her old instructor. But after a tentative start, mummy needed to sit on the side with her for a couple of minutes, she was in with not a second thought. I was very proud of her. There was three all up in her class and one boy refused to get into the water at all. She had a fantastic time and did everything that was asked of her, couldn't really ask for more. But without further ado, her are a couple of her lessons too, check out her rash vest, I love it!!! (it says "off duty lifeguard")
water raspberries
floating, almost all on her own.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Koochie Koo

Koochie Koo is a fantastic little business (formerly it's all about me), they specialise in handmande personalised items for the special little (or even big) people in your lives.

I love the girls behind this business, Sarah and Kerry are legends. Sarah is a mum to three delightful children, including baby Hannah who in her very short life as seen the inside of the hospital far too much and Kerry again mother of three including her twin girls, who are just adorable. They are great friends and I wish them all the best with this latest step in their business venture.

Sarah is the artist behind the works, she makes all her paint from scratch, ensuring that it is perfectly safe for the kids and Kerry is the seamtress, sewing all the beautiful material into these gorgeous little items.

My girls have a fair bit of their stuff, I absolutely love the pillows, both my girls have one each on their beds, I also a huge fan of the swimming bags and personalised towels. Then there is the play aprons, toiletry bags and OMG the list just goes on!!

Sarah and Kerry are based in Adelaide (actually just around the corner from our old place :( ) and run their business on a party plan basis for the most part, allowing for some awesome hostess specials, they have also set it up to be able ot be used as a fundraiser, and for people like me (who now live on the other side of the country) you can order online too.

Everything is so well made and made with such attention to detail, if when assembled something doesn't look right, they will always contact to you, to make sure you still want to go ahead with your choices and offer other suggestions of what might work better, what awesome customer service. I love having items in my girls rooms made particularly for them in such cute colours and with funky pictures. I think there stuff is just gorgeous, and I hope you do to.

My proposed birthday present

My birthday isn't until November but my hubby asked me yesterday if I would like a Pandora Bracelet for my birthday, my answer was something along the lines of hell yes!!! Looks like my hinting did finally pay off, will have to wait and see what I get in November now :)

However in my excitement of finally obtaining a Pandora bracelet I have been playing around at making my bracelet on line and I want it on my wrist already. I've tried to select beads that would have meanings - such as the birthday cake obviously to symbolise my birthday, K my initial, scorpio symbol my star sign, pram and dummy for my girls, suitcase for my travel dreams and well some because I just liked them.

My little creation had a price tag attached to it that was a little scary, good thing you don't go out and buy all the charms at once!!! I should print the picture of my bracelet off so hubby has an idea of what to get me, now would that be a little cheeky :)

So here is my dream bracelet at this moment in time (I am after all female and it is my perogative to change my mind)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My new fav photo

I just uploaded a whole heap of photos to the computer and I am in love with this photo of my girls, they absolutely love each other and Mackenzie's face always lights up when she is with her big sister (well unless she is trying to strangle her that is), I think this photo just sums them up perfectly.

The Dark

I'm not affraid of the dark but I hate the sounds at night that make my imagination kick into over drive.

Last night Andrew had his first night shift since starting his new job in early December. This coincided with my first night home alone by myself, a perfect recipe for my imagination. I really do hate being home by myself at night, it is an extremely lonely time.

Every creak that the house makes I am jolted wide awake, thinking what was that, was that the door, was that the window, is someone inside, is someone trying to get inside, is someone in the back yard. I am then suddenly wide awake, every shadow looks like a person, I really hate it, why does my imagination do this to me!!!

I just want to be able to sleep soundly without adding these extra little stresses that being home alone at night creates, my sleep is a rare enough commidity as it is!!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Guess who's been to Ikea...

and now has a slightly smaller bank balance, whoops :)

We have a high chair but I hate it, it is pig to clean and Mackenzie can't see over the tray to see what she is trying to eat, nevermind reach it. So I convinced Andrew to let me buy a new highchair, not too hard considering this little number was only $24.95, what an absolute bargain!!! So we made the trip up to Ikea today and bought us a new high chair, yay, we also got it in red. We left the colour choice up to Taleisha, as neither Andrew or I were phased on which colour and I like to give Taleisha some control in the decision making process too. Thankfully she's just like me, so I got the colour I would have bought anyway. We also grabbed the tray that comes with it, it was only an extra $10, but it only came in white, bummer. Oh well, still a bargain.

And I don't think you can ever go to Ikea and only come out with the one item you intended to purchase. We also came home with this funky train set for Taleisha, I had been eyeing it off for a little while. I think it looks fab and I hope she likes it. Not that she has any yet but am curiuos to see if the Thomas the Tank brand toys will work on the track???

We also came home with a support cushion for the high chair and any seat really, a large blue elephant toy for a whopping $4 and some heat pot pads for the bench top. I think that was about it.

So next on my list of things to do is assemble the highchair, so I can put the old one out in the shed and then assemble the train track and give it a whirl, honestly I did buy it for Taleisha and not for me :)

Ikea rocks!!!