Friday, February 13, 2009

50 Things I love about you

50 Things I love about you
1. Your big brown eyes and never ending eyelashes, you are always getting comments about your eyes and they are truly beautiful, you have been blessed in that department.
2. I love to sit and brush your long wavy brown hair, it is gorgeous and I love how you are happy to let me play with it creating an array of interesting hair dos :)
3. The ringlets that appear in your hair after it has been wet.
4. The way you start each morning exclaiming that the sun is up, so we must get up.
5. Your cuddles, they are big and squishy.
6. Your sloppy kisses, my dribble princess.
7. The way you will come up to me and give me a big hug and say I love you too :)
8. Your love of pink, if we would let you I think everything you owned would be pink, as it stands you're pretty close to it.
9. Your unbelievable sense of fashion, you just seem to be able to put clothes together and unlike when your father dresses you, your colours rarely clash.
10. How you fear the vacuum cleaner, it doesn't matter what room you're in as soon as you hear the vacuum cleaner you freak, you stop what you're doing and run to the living room lounge were you perch yourself out of harm’s way.
11. This also drives me batty but it definitely makes you uniquely you, your desire to only eat white food and barely anything else.
12. The fact you love your pasta just as much as mummy.
13. When you trip and hurt yourself, you immediately ask for ice, we give you your pink butterfly bump buddy and suddenly it is all alright again.
14. How you get excited about the thought of going to the shops and doubly excited when that shop is Big W, you will yell out Big W as soon as you see the sign, it always brings a smile to face.
15. And when out shopping you will grab clothes off the rack and show them to me, proclaiming them to be cute. You would happily grab every item and show them to me, it would keep you occupied for hours.
16. How you would then try to sneak all sorts of items into the trolley whilst we weren't looking, we would always find ourselves at the cash register, wondering how on earth some of the things had found their way into the trolley.
17. Your invisible money, you are always happy to pay for things and when asked would always reach into your pocket and pull out a handful of money, unfortunately as yet no shop has accepted your money has payment. We'll keep trying :)
18. Fairies, Fairies, Fairies and more Fairies, you are obsessed, you love everything about them. Your favourite past time is dressing up just like them and waving your fairy wand around, sometimes resembling more of weapon then anything pretty and fairyish.
19. Your love of Dora the Explorer, Maisy and your newest fav Teletubbies. You can happily sit and watch these shows for hours, if only your nasty mummy would let you.
20. Mulan, I seriously thought you would be too young for this movie, but you love it and I think that is really cool. I love it too, hence mummy already owned it before you were even thought of :)
21. Your smile, I love it when you smile, it lights up your face and your eyes glisten.
22. Your giggle, it is a combination of pure evil and mischief and cuteness all rolled into one.
23. Those early mornings when you've woken up and you come crawling into bed with me wanting a cuddle and to sleep in the big bed with mummy.
24. Your love of water, you love to swim, maybe mummy can live her Olympic aspirations through you, JK.
25. The way you love your sister, you are constantly wanting to be near here and always wanting to give her cuddles, even if sometimes it crosses the line into smothering and strangulation, good thing your sister loves you to pieces to.
26. How you try to console your sister when she is upset by telling her you're right here, and that it is OK, knowing that you are mimicking things that you have heard me say to here, this teaches me that I have to be extremely careful with what I say.
27. Your obsessive compulsive disorder, you must have the matching cutlery to go with whatever plate you're eating from, it drives your daddy nuts.
28. I love watching you play with your dolls, especially when you use your skirts as a make shift sling to carry the baby and when your baby is hungry, so sit down, pull up your top and try and breast feed the baby, it is so cute.
29. How you must go to bed with a baby each night, this requires the house to be searched from top to bottom in attempt to find baby some nights. we have only had to replace her once, but she is definitely starting to show wear from the love and attention you give her.
30. Your imagination, you love to make things with your cooking stuff and will constantly bring daddy and mummy cups of tea and toast.
31. When we are driving in the car and you see a bridge, you are directing us all to lower our heads to make sure we don't bump them when we go under the bridge. It makes me laugh every time.
32. The way you get excited every time you see your friends, it doesn't matter who it is, you are always happy to see them and will tell anyone that listens that they are your friend.
33. Your wicked sense of humour, you have me cacking myself on a daily basis.
34. Although this also has my heart in my throat, your dare devil nature, you are happiest jumping off couches into bean bags, people's arms, or even just jumping down stairs to the floor, scary stuff for mum, but you love it.
35. Your need for speed, I love how you always want to go so fast, especially when I'm pushing you in the trolley or carrying you in my arms, we have to go faster.
36. How you just want to dance, as soon as you hear music, you a wiggling your bottom and twirling around and around, you simply love to move.
37. Your independence, you're happy to play by yourself, you want to give everything a go yourself, whether it be dressing yourself to brushing your teeth or helping putting the shopping on the conveyor belt.
38. How you always want to help in the kitchen, you love doing the little jobs like stirring the mixes or helping pour things in or even help chopping. However you do not like to help when it means you get your hand dirty, like helping mum mix the dye in the play dough or rolling the meatballs, you'll tell me you'll get dirty hands and you will then become my supervisor, standing on your stool watching my every move but not daring to touch :)
39. Your obsession with hairclips, you always want at least two hairclips in your hair and if left to your own devices you would happily (and do) try to get every single hair clip in your hair at the same time, you also love putting them in your hair yourself.
40. How you like to help, you want to help cleaning the house, with the dishes, with the washing, you will try to sweep the floor, will get the dust ban and broom out, will pull the washing out of the machine and put it in the laundry basket, will turn the machine on, hand me clothing one by one to hang on the line, will even clean up the kitty litter if you go to the loo and see the cats have made a mess, a bit gross and mummy is trying to stop you from doing that but I love how you just want to help all the time, even with breast feeding, you will try and help by holding the breast for Mackenzie whilst she feeds :)
41. How when asked what you want for lunch you'll say chicken burger and chips, even though you've never eaten a chicken burger in your life :)
42. I love the fact that you take great joy in telling people that you are a cheeky monkey, so much so that the other day when visiting next door, when asked your name you said it was Cheeky Monkey. You definitely are our Cheeky Little Monkey. You also love telling people that that is what is written on your necklace.
43. When asked how old you are you happily say 2, I love when I ask what you will be on your birthday you say you will be 2 and 3, it is so cute, and I guess true to.
44. When you hold out your arms and pretend you’re flying, or a bird, or a plane. You look so cute skipping around the house pretending to fly.
45. I love how you have your daddy wrapped around your little finger, he really doesn’t stand a chance with you.
46. I love how you just love to talk, you can seriously talk with a mouthful of marbles under water, you will start up a conversation with anyone and anybody, your favourite topic of conversation is your sister.
47. You are my peanut butter junkie, you would happily (and do) stick your hand into the jar and eat it by the handful, hmm it must be tasty. Who needs bread.
48. How you are constantly learning and asking questions, it truly amazes me with some of the things you know and I have to wonder where you have learnt some things from, yesterday you were telling me all about your different body parts from your thumb to your ‘gina, you are such a smart cookie.
49. Painting, painting, painting and more painting, you just love it and I love your little master pieces that you create, if only I had more wall space to display them all. I also love how attentive to detail you can be when trying to colour things in, you try extremely hard to make sure you stay in the lines. You also take much satisfaction in mixing the colours, even if it comes out a murky black colour, you are always as happy as can be with the result.
50. But most of all I love you for the joy you have brought to my life, I can no longer think about life without you or how life was before you. You are the shining light that brings a smile to my face.


  1. That is beautiful Kat; what a wonderful tribute to such a special little person. -xxx-

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