Monday, February 9, 2009

Biggest Loser V Amazing Race

After todays elimination on The Biggest Loser, I am really looking forward to next weeks episode. The island location that they have been on for the last week and a bit looks absolutely gorgeous, sunny Queensland at its very best. However I am very intrigued about next weeks episode where they all need to make their own way back to Sydney, very Amazing Race like.

I was very impressed that I managed to guess who was being eliminated today, hubby and I had a discussion about it and has much as I don't like Holly, she just irks me, I was pretty sure Ramses and Tania would be the ones eliminated as they proved the greater threat, this was because I believed it would be easier for them to pull large numbers to a certain extent to the two girls as they were not as heavy. So they would need to work far harder to lose the weight than Tania and Ramses. Although the rest of the contestants sugar coated their reasons, it seems that I was right in my synopsis :)

But anyway I'm definitely looking forward to next week. What an interesting concept, happy sailing to the biggest loser contestants.


  1. I totally agree with you Kat! Holly is driving me NUTS, but Ram and Tania were the biggest threats :(

    I was confused by the voting though!! LOL They went through 5 couples - 1 vote Holly/Mel and 4 Tania/Ram, but there were still 3 other votes, so technically it could have been a tie if the other 3 voted Holly/Mel, right?? Argh! And we didn't get to see who the other 3 couples voted for!

    Certainly will be an interesting season. I can't wait for TBL Amazing Race style!

  2. Holly needs a good slap!! Agreed!

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