Thursday, February 19, 2009

By any other name

I've always had an ongoing list of girl and boy names that I like, I just seem to add to it everytime I see a new name I like. Which means the list is getting rather long, lol, so I've decided to type it up here to put it somewhere central were I'll be able to keep it uptodate. I dare say any future children's names will be on this list.

I love the saying "What's in a name? that which we call a rose... By any other name would smell as sweet" I think that is where my name obsession stems from, I like to really think my names, I like long names, I like them to be reasonably unique but not weird and not preferrably on the top 100 list if I can help. I don't want to call my child's name out in a park and have 10 kids turn around. I also try to have something that will just roll off the tongue with my other kids names. I like to have short middle names, for the girls usually something florally or pretty. For the boys I'm thinking of using the family name John, but not completely sold on that. Guess I've got plenty of time to think that given we're not even TTC'ing yet. Oh and just to throw a spanner into the works some of the names I like go completely against the above and I also like to know what the names mean.

So here are my name lists.

Annabelle - loveable
Aislinn - dream vision
Addison - daughter of Adam
Brianna - strong, virtuous, graceful victory
Charlotte - petite and feminine
Felicity - happy and fortunate
Georgia - farm girl
Georgina - farmer
Guinevere - white wave
Isla - island
Jasmine - flower
Jolene - god increases
Kailani - sky, sea
Kalista - most beautiful one
Kelsey - port of ships
Kirrily - bark of tree
Lacey - Cheerful one
Marlee - from the high tower
Peyton - noble warrior's town
Ruby - precious red stone
Sahara - wilderness, desert
Samara - watched over by god
Indianna - from India
Shannon - little wise one
Sienna - reddish brown
Sierra - mountain, saw toothed
Kherington - (no idea what it means, it was the name of one of the contestants on SYTYCD last year and I loved it)

Keegan - small fiery one
Harrison - son of Harry
Jarvis - conquerror, war leader
Phoenix - an immortal bird who rose from it's ashes every 500 years
Shannon - little wise one (hubby does not like this one for a boy, pooey to him)
Ace - at one with humankind, unity
Alastair - helper or defender of the human kind
Bryce - ambitious, quick
Callum - dove, peace maker
Darcy - dark
Donovan - dark haired warrior
Hunter - huntsman
Hugh - bright mind / spirit
Jackson - son of Jack
Keiran - little, dark
Levi - joined in harmony
Maddock - lucky, generous, fortunate
Malachy - angel of god
Merrick - ruler of the sea
Patrick - noble
Zachary - god remembers
Zachariah - god remembers
Zander - helper or defender of human kind

I love reading and talking about names, even when we've finished our family, I think I would still be looking at names and adding to my lists.

Whilst looking at names on the net I came across this photo on Flickr, it's a pregnancy portrait, I love it, what a perfect way to remember your pregnancy and display your future baby's name, just gorgeous.
flickr photos

edited 22/2/09
Some boy names that I omitted from my list, tis was probably because Andrew as already vetoed them, but hey I like them, it also proves how much an influence movies are.

Jonah - been a fan since I watched Sleepless in Seattle
Dominic - liked it since i watched Kindegarten Cop
Sebastian - I think this one was from Neverending Story ;)