Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fairy Birthday Bash

Today we had a fan-fairy-tastic party, Taleisha was a very cute fairy, whilst the costume stayed on that is, she had about three outifit changes by the end of the day, talk about a diva. The cake turned out well and I made a yummy malteser fudge slice. Mackenzie also had her own fairy outfit and she looked uber cute, although we both ended up covered in glitter.
Taleisha had a ball, she loved playing wth all her friends, especially "Rashleigh" they seemed inseperable. All the little fairies runnng around my house looked awesome. she had such a good day, that she was exhausted and went to bed without an argument to be had.

Andrew also had a big day, given he worked night shift the night before he was pretty knackered. My brother and Andrew however hit the drinks, and both were a bit under the weather, he's been sent to the couch, I'm not sleeping next to a brewery, yuck!!!
I was very pleased with the way the birthday cake turned out. I made butterflies out of freckles and ellybeans, Taleisha raided all the freckles off the cake :) branches out of fruit sticks and spearmint leaves and used some miniature barbie Mariposa figures to bring in the fairy theme. It was a banana cake with cream cheese icing and it tasted so good.
It was a really good day, and now I have a three year old. OMG how did that happen!!!


  1. Wow great effort on the cake Kat! I assume that's Rhapsody, Harmony and Bubbles atop?

  2. The cake looks amazing Kat! Sure it tasted just as good too.

  3. Thanks, it tasted pretty good too, I guess the fairies could be makeshift Rhapsody, harmony and bubbles, but in fact they were from Barbie Mariposa or however it is spelt. They were just the right size and right number and cheaper then buying little figurines.