Saturday, February 28, 2009

February: the month that was...

Keeping up with what I stated I would do in January, here is the month that was for February, hehe I started this in January, straight after my other post, so I couldn't forget, LOL.

February: the month that was...

1. We bought a new high chair, a lovely red little number from Ikea, it was a bargain and so much easier to clean and Mackenzie can actually see what is on the tray and what she is eating.
2. The girls started their swimming lessons, Mackenzie's first ever swimming lesson and Taleisha's first at the new pool and with new instructor. Mackenzie loved it and after some coaxing into the water so did Taleisha.
3. Said goodbye to my nephew Riley, he's off to NSW with his mum, no idea how long for.
4. Had our first rental inspection, we passed with flying colours, although we need to water the grass more, yeah whatever, I'm not doing it more than the water restrictions permit, so bah humbug to them.
5. Submitted Taleisha's enrolment forms to Pioneer Village School for Kindy, she will likely miss out this year, but fingers crossed she will get into the K4 program next year.
6. Hubby put in for annual leave for two weeks in January next year and got it, the plan is to go to Bali with my mum, step dad, sister and brother, should be an awesome trip.
7. We hosted morning tea at our place for my local mum's group, it was a lovely day and my girls had a ball, even if the house did resemble a bomb site afterwards.
8. I cried watching the news hearing about the Victorian bushfires and the devastation that it caused.
9. Taleisha turned three, OMG she is a big girl now, we visited Scitech for her birthday, they were having a toddlerfest, she and daddy had a wow of a time, will be in on the must visit again list.
10. We had a visit from the ECHN and are getting a referral to a physio for Mackenzie’s lack of leg use.
11. OMG I applied for a job and completed an online assessment, don’t like my chances but now to wait and see if anything comes of it
12. Went to Belmont Kidz Fest with the girls, lots of free rides and activities, we all had a ball even if we did end up a tad red, it was hot.
13. I joined a new mum’s group with the early childhood centre, I think it was called Gigglers, not too sure if it’s the right one for me but will give it a bit longer. I think I miss my old mum’s group to much, that’s more than likely the problem and this new group of girls just aren’t measuring up besides the fact that there is 3 times the number of my last group, love ya lots Taryn, Megan, Melissa and Sarah!!!
15. Bought a new fridge, the old one wasn’t big enough, especially as we left the shed fridge behind when we moved so no room in this fridge when we entertained, that problem is well and truly fixed now, the new one is enormous.
16. I sewed, my home economics teacher is probably rolling over in her grave, I sucked big time in highschool, but I’m pretty chuffed with my creations so far.
17. Mackenzie learnt to wave, she’s very Queen like when she does it to, tres cute.

It's been a pretty massive month with Taleisha's third birthday party and all that excitement, however by the looks of my calendar March is going to be just as busy, looking forward to the second half of the year when things start to slow down a bit, less birthdays thats for sure. :)


  1. Hey what a cool idea, mind if I pinch it? lol

    Sorry our kids bombed your house, it's amazing how much mess they can create in a few hours! So worth it to get to be around some grown ups for a while though!

  2. lol no biggie, nothing a quick broom didn't fix ;) and hey we've most certainly repaid the debt :)

  3. Oh wow, what a busy, busy month!!!

  4. I used to go to the community swimming pool to take my swimming lessons. I must say the trainers there are very professional and friendly.