Sunday, February 22, 2009

Free to good home

One 9 month old baby girl, occasionally answers to the name of Mackenzie. Is utterly cute, has a mop full of dark wavy brown hair and a cheeky smile. She has a very infectious giggle and loves having her tummy tickled and blowing raspberries. She gives wonderful cuddles and big sloppy open mouthed kisses. She loves playing with her toys, big sister is the light of her life and cats tails are great toys, if they a re silly enough to lay in her reach. Feeds herself, although how much she actually eats is debateable and the mess, well you don't have kids if you can't handle the mess. She loves her boobie to the extreme. There is only one minor glitch, for the past week has done nothing but grizzle and whinge, and mum is at her wits end and is none the wiser to whatever the problem is. So if you're up for it, she's all yours :)

OK so I'm just kidding, but seriously what is wrong with my girl, we've dosed her up with some bonjella and panadol this morning after constant whinging from the moment she got up until a few seconds ago, were I gave up and just put her back into bed. Hoping she wakes up on the right side of bed this time.

She is naturally quite a clinghy baby and takes seperation anxiety to the extreme, but I was right here with her the whole entire time this morning, so that wasn't the problem. Oh and if you think I jest about the seperation anxiety, she doesn't even like going to Andrew some days and if she sees me in a room when someone else has got her the water works start, it's insane. But yes, so that hasn't been the problem. She does have a bit of a snotty nose, but besides rubbing it all over her face it doesn't seem to be causing her any other issues.

To some degree I think she is frustrated with herself and her inability to do what she thinks she can, such as reaching for a toy just out of her seated reach. It could possibly be a wonder week too, maybe more a horror week, I might go check the chart and see what it says. I really do believe if you worked out how to commando crawl at the very least, se'd be a happier kid, as she'll be able to follow big sis and me around, and she'd be able to get at whatever she wants to play with.

I do love her to pieces but full on days by yourself with a little one like this day after day, really does test your patience and your coping abilities. Thankfully in all this Taleisha has actually been well behaved, so that has definitely made life a bit easier.

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  1. I'll take her - does she come with a free case of temazepan (for me) and phernergan(for her) ?

    Jokes aside, but I do sympathise, just when you think you've got it licked, along comes a kid who throws it all out!!