Sunday, February 1, 2009

Grizzle bum

Seriously that is what Mackenzie has been this morning. She has been foul, not happy sitting or laying on the ground, just grizzling non stop. Would love to know what is wrong with her, I'm blaming her teeth, she's cutting her fourth, it's one of her top ones. So we dosed her up with some bonjella and panadol and she did seem to be in a much better mood, I also had her laying on my lap, so that probably helped her with her mood as well. it's just so hard when they are being royal grizzle bums, it can be so hard working out what is wrong.

The other thing I can't work out is her sitting, she has been sitting on her own for a while now, well since just before Christmas, but since Tuesday this week, she has taken to (for a loss of better words) refusing to sit. You'll sit her up and with seconds she will throw herself backwards. So it is back to using pillows behind her again. I thought maybe she picked up a mild ear infection whilst we were in Hedland as we went to the pool a couple of times, but shes not pulling at her ear or showing any other signs of having an ear infection, it was my conclusion to explain her unbalancedness. Then again it's not like she is really unbalanced either, when she does it, it looks like she is concious of what she is doing. It's just frustrating as she gets stuck and she gets shitty as she can't get back up, so she doesn't want to lie but she doesn't want to sit either.

On a more positive note, my girl is far from crawling but over the last couple of days I have seen her roll with a mission. She was just rolling from her back to her front or vice versa but wasn't really stringing them together but twice now I've seen her roll from one side of the rug to the other to grab something, this mornings missing was the wii remote and she was damn pleased with herself when she got it, as was I.

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