Monday, February 2, 2009

Guess who's been to Ikea...

and now has a slightly smaller bank balance, whoops :)

We have a high chair but I hate it, it is pig to clean and Mackenzie can't see over the tray to see what she is trying to eat, nevermind reach it. So I convinced Andrew to let me buy a new highchair, not too hard considering this little number was only $24.95, what an absolute bargain!!! So we made the trip up to Ikea today and bought us a new high chair, yay, we also got it in red. We left the colour choice up to Taleisha, as neither Andrew or I were phased on which colour and I like to give Taleisha some control in the decision making process too. Thankfully she's just like me, so I got the colour I would have bought anyway. We also grabbed the tray that comes with it, it was only an extra $10, but it only came in white, bummer. Oh well, still a bargain.

And I don't think you can ever go to Ikea and only come out with the one item you intended to purchase. We also came home with this funky train set for Taleisha, I had been eyeing it off for a little while. I think it looks fab and I hope she likes it. Not that she has any yet but am curiuos to see if the Thomas the Tank brand toys will work on the track???

We also came home with a support cushion for the high chair and any seat really, a large blue elephant toy for a whopping $4 and some heat pot pads for the bench top. I think that was about it.

So next on my list of things to do is assemble the highchair, so I can put the old one out in the shed and then assemble the train track and give it a whirl, honestly I did buy it for Taleisha and not for me :)

Ikea rocks!!!


  1. WOW talk about a trek from your place. I am closer thatn that and just plain can't be arsed LOL

  2. Oh cute. i didn't know they came in red. funky. we have a white one, I think we got it for $15 a couple of years ago. I love them because their so simple to clean and their not big and bulky like all those other yucky plastic covered ones. I love ikea

  3. I am incredibly jealous of your proximity to Ikea - we don't have one in the whole country - sucky!!! I want one of those highchairs too. We have a plastic one and it's a mission to clean it....