Friday, February 20, 2009

I've been shopping...

and I'm sure Krys would be very proud of me.
I visited (or should I say braved, it was nuts) Spotlight this morning with the two girls in tow. I went with the aim to buy a pattern or two and some material to make said pattern with. I originally picked out a couple of patterns but considering every granny was there with a mountain of quilting fabric to be cut out, I had plenty of time to talk myself out of buying two patterns, lol, I'm good like that. I'll pick stuff up as I enter the store, walk around the shop and slowly most if not all finds it's way back on the shelf as I talk myself out of each item. This is the pattern I ended up coming home with, it's a cute girly dress with patching knickers and hat, don't know if I'll bother with the knickers or hat but I'm definitely looking forward to making the dress for Mackenzie and hopefully if it fits or I can modify it to make it a bit bigger one for Taleisha too.

However in stark contrast to my usual habit of talking myself out of things the longer I waited, it actually worked in the stores favour, as I grabbed a number and it was ages away so I continued to walk around the shop and picked up another three rolls of fabric that I wanted. I'm sure that was their aim all along, have slow as buggery staff on the cutting counter, so the customer gets bored and does more browsing whilst waiting. I came home with about a metre and a half of each of the below fabrics, anyone would think I have girls looking at that collection. The two bottoms one I'm hoping to make a dress each for the girls in, Taleisha in the pink (she picked it) and Mackenzie in the olive, I think it would look very cute. The other three, no idea yet, maybe might use one of them to put the girl's intials on a tshirt each for them, thinking the top one will work best for that.
After todays ordeal, I think I might leave my pattern and material shopping to the online variety, at least that way I can browse in the comfort of my own home and don't need to keep the kids occupied for over an hour, seriously!!! If it wasn't for the fact that our closest Spotlight is a fair drive, I think I would have left. So with that in mind, recommend me some good online shops or websites for easy to sew patterns (remember I'm a novice) and material.


  1. Good work!

    And you've picked up two gymboree fabrics too! (top one is holland days and the one underneath is tropical garden!)

    Can't wait to see the creations you whip up! :)

  2. great stash of fabric there Kat. I love the cupcake one SIL has just finished making a quilt with that one a few others in it. I love it and it made me wish my girls were babies again. Have you seen the etsy site that Allissa and Krys have bought fabrics from recently they have great fabrics on them.

  3. Sounds like my last Spotlight shopping experience! not the place to take small children

  4. WOW I am impressed Kat!

    Can't wait to see what you come up with :) I have actually just finished downloading my last shopping adventure... OOPS