Saturday, February 7, 2009

January: The month that was...

Well January seemed to have been over in a blink of an eye, looks like another year is going to be passing me by at lightening speen again, meaning my girls will be growing up all too quickly. They're growing fast enough as it is.

I've decided to document what happened in each month of the year, whether it be a milestone, new purchase, catch up with friends or family, just those things that stand out and where important to me.

So what happened in January:
  1. I saw the new year in, with my eyelids shut, at home in bed with my girls, maybe next year I can be a bit more of a party animal.

  2. I caught up with a good friend from Canberra who was on a long road tripping holiday, their last one as a couple, as little bunny is on its way!!!

  3. Seth, our cat, returned home after a 5 day jaunt in the bush. We thought he was gone, so were very happy to see him stroll into the house after 5 days as if nothing had happened.

  4. Went to our first birthday party for the year, a little play friend of Taleisha's turned 3, she had a ball playing in the park.

  5. Hosted our first dinner party for the year. I cooked a scrumptious curry chicken and vegetable pie for everyone (will post the recipe for that one later) . Our guests were my dad, step mum and her sister.

  6. Joined a new internet forum and met a lovely bunch of women and their kids. I am now meeting up with them weekly and loving the social outing each week, it is at my house next week and I'm really looking forward to it.

  7. Finally got some professional portraits of Mackenzie taken, will need to try again next time to get some nice ones of the two of them together as Taleisha was being a typical almost 3 year old and wasn't playing the game.

  8. Bought some new tupperware, this is important LOL

  9. Changed our home phone and internet service to Optus after some dodgy charges from Telstra and some very poor customer service.

  10. The girls and I visited my family in South Hedland for the Australia day long weekend, lots of swimming, shopping, eating and relaxing. Girls were both tremendous on the flight, Taleisha even well asleep on the flight home. Learnt that even though it is only for a weekend I should take big suitcase as if I only take a small one, I need to bring an extra bag home with me.

  11. I lost 1 kg, not a huge weight loss but a loss after all.

  12. Revamped the spare room and turned it into a playroom.
  13. Bought a new tv/dvd combo to relpace the 30 year old tv, a vcr and dvd set up that was previously in the spare room, it's purple and looks super cool :) And it was on clearance, so a bargain.
  14. Hubby finally bought a HD box set for the tv, he's now set, well he does have grand visions on replacing the tv now, one is never happy :)
  15. The best news for the month came when my best mate called me and told me she was pregnant, woohoo, so happy for them.

I also had a number of catch ups with some good friends, which I haven't seen more than enough of due to living interstate previously, so lovely the fact that I can now see them when ever I want, well social calendars permitting that it.

January was a pretty busy month for us and February doesn't look like it is going to be any quietier, especially with Taleisha's birthday party coming up!!!


  1. I was really good at keeping everything written down, But I get so slack!

    You did a lot!

  2. Good thing most things are written in my diary, so I just had to flick through to remember what we did :) But yes best intentions, and well laid plans and all that ;)