Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Koochie Koo

Koochie Koo is a fantastic little business (formerly it's all about me), they specialise in handmande personalised items for the special little (or even big) people in your lives.

I love the girls behind this business, Sarah and Kerry are legends. Sarah is a mum to three delightful children, including baby Hannah who in her very short life as seen the inside of the hospital far too much and Kerry again mother of three including her twin girls, who are just adorable. They are great friends and I wish them all the best with this latest step in their business venture.

Sarah is the artist behind the works, she makes all her paint from scratch, ensuring that it is perfectly safe for the kids and Kerry is the seamtress, sewing all the beautiful material into these gorgeous little items.

My girls have a fair bit of their stuff, I absolutely love the pillows, both my girls have one each on their beds, I also a huge fan of the swimming bags and personalised towels. Then there is the play aprons, toiletry bags and OMG the list just goes on!!

Sarah and Kerry are based in Adelaide (actually just around the corner from our old place :( ) and run their business on a party plan basis for the most part, allowing for some awesome hostess specials, they have also set it up to be able ot be used as a fundraiser, and for people like me (who now live on the other side of the country) you can order online too.

Everything is so well made and made with such attention to detail, if when assembled something doesn't look right, they will always contact to you, to make sure you still want to go ahead with your choices and offer other suggestions of what might work better, what awesome customer service. I love having items in my girls rooms made particularly for them in such cute colours and with funky pictures. I think there stuff is just gorgeous, and I hope you do to.

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