Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Well it is now lunch time and I sit here on my couch as I type this happily still in my pyjamas, how slack can I be.

Not that slack honest, I've done the dishes, changed the kitty litter, brought a load of washing in off the line and put the kids clothes and the nappies onto the line, I've had a go at Wii fit, well just the body test, I couldn't be bothered with much more than that, hehe so maybe a little slack. oh and written a thousand lists of what needs to be done between now and next Saturday.

I just haven't felt like having a shower and getting dressed yet, glad we haven't had any surprise visitors or I'm sure I would have scared them off. My excuse is that hubby is on night shift and came straight home and went to bed, no offer to watch the kids so I could shower, so I haven't :)

Well it's about time i woke the boy up anyway (he isn't working tonight) and he needs to mow the jungle outside but before he does that he can watch the kids so i can have a blissfully long shower, my hair needs washing after all.

And just maybe I'll come back later tonight and share a couple of those lists, planning birthday parties can be a lot of work and I'm trying to figure out how to fairy up my daughter's party without it costing a small fortune. Any ideas?

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  1. So where are these lists?? They're such a good motivator!!! Enjoy the time in your PJs!