Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The List Revisited

Back in early January I posted a list of things I would like to achieve before the end of the year that I turned 29 in, which would funnily enough be this year. :) see the original blog entry here

We are now half way through February and I figured it was high time I revisited the list and see how I was getting on. So here is the list revisited.

1. Excersie for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week. - sadly not even close, I have gotten extremely slack, I however am just about to buy a rowing machine, so hopefully that will be able to help.

2. Lose 10kgs - I had lost about 3kg but haven't weighed myself for a couple of weeks, so I don't know if I'm still on the way up or down.

3. Plant a portable herb/vegie patch - whoops forgot about that one.

4. Read 50 books - I've only managed 3 so far, think I might struggle to reach 50.

5. Blog regularly - by the looks of my blog I'm well on track here :)

6. Obtain my Austswim qualifications - I've looked into but we don't quite have the dollars yet

7. Spend more time with my family - I could probably make more of an effort here, less time on here would probably help, but I am making sure the girls and I have one outing a day about them.

8. Get professional family photos taken - done, just need to pay for them

9. Spend less - all credit cards have been removed from wallets to eliminate impulse purchases, which has really helped and I have returned to using layby, so I really have to want the item to layby it. So yes I'm doing well here.

10. Be more concious of my environmental footprint - trying, I'm concious of the power we're using, but more on a financial level then environment at the moment.

11. Get my hair cut and coloured - I've been looking into, just haven't got the courage to do it.

12. Eat less takeaway food - I blame Andrew he's a bad influence :)

13. Use my sewing machine - I brought it out of my room and set it up on the kitchen table, it is now back on the floor, but yet to be used, it's a start.

14. Make a large painting for our lounge room - I found what I want to do, just need to buy the supplies

15. Take Taleisha and Mackenzie to the Zoo - nope

16. Take Taleisha and Mackenzie to the Aquarium - nope

17. Do something every week that is just for me - probably neglecting this one, unless you count blogging

18. Go to the movies at least once without the girls - yeap I went to see Australia with my mum, my lil sister babysit the kids :)

19. Start Christmas shopping early and have it finished before the mad season starts - my present box is getting fuller every day, I've picked up some mega bargains too.

20. Make new friends - I joined a new forum and have met a lovely bunch of girls with whom I now catch up with weekly and I also just started going to a gigglers session which looks like turning into a mother's group.

21. Keep in contact more with old friends - I've been trying to email every couple of weeks to my two besties in Adelaide and trying to message people were I can. I think I'm doing OK, I could probably email Jo and Jess and Laina and Amanda a bit more, sorry girls!!!

22. Read more to my girls - yes and no, I've been reading lots to Taleisha but Mackenzie not so much.

23. Go on a family holiday - nothing in concrete yet but a trip to Bali is very likely in the pipeline for January next year.

24. Transition my baby girl into cloth overnight - um not yet

25. Get Taleisha to eat more fruit and vegetables, this may prove harder than it looks - a battle of wills here, we'll keep serving.

26. Try a new recipe at least once a fortnight - thanks to my super food ideas subscription, we're doing great guns here.

27. Relax more - again does blogging count

28. Go to the beach - we've been down to Fremantle once and Scarborough, so two trips to the beach but haven't gotten into the water yet.

29. Work out a five year plan - whoopsie forgot about that one too

I think given I'm only one month in, I'm doing ok. Still lots to do.

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  1. Kat you are doing much better than me. I really should look at my list again I think....