Monday, February 9, 2009

The list

As referred to in this post, I said I would be back to show one of my lists, it's quite scary the amount of work I want to get done this week.

So without further ado - my list
  • Mop floors - partially done, still need to do the laundry and the bathroom but the living areas are done
  • Vacuum floors - I've only managed the rug so far
  • Mow lawns - done, although I can't lay claim to that one, and we need to get some more whipper snipper cord to do the edges
  • Fortnightly grocery shop
  • Birthday supplies grocery shop
  • Decorate birthday cake
  • Make cakes - done
  • Sew on velcro tabs on Taleisha's apron for her birthday - done
  • Assemble toy kitchen - can't do until Thursday night as we need to keep it under wraps, although Miss T has seen the box
  • Wrap presents - done
  • Confirm RSVPs - have sent messages out to non repliers :)
  • Prepare loot bags - I've written a list of what I want in them, just need to get the supplies
  • Clean outside area
  • Decorate outside and inside - still need to figure out how I'm going to make it fairyish :)
  • Clean outside chairs - done
  • Clean and move kitty litter into the ensuite bathroom (cats to also be moved into bedroom) - won't do until Friday morning and maybe Wednesday morning when people over for morning tea.
  • Wash car - done
  • Wash the dishes - done
  • Take washing off the line - done
  • Wash our clothes - done and on the line drying now

It's pretty mammoth, so I should probably get my butt off the computer and get moving, well I might wait for Miss Moo to wake up from her morning nap and then I'll hit the shops with the girls and get the groceries. Such an exciting afternoon outing :)

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