Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mackenzie's Health check

Today we had a home visit for Mackenzie's 8 month health check, even though she is 9 months old now, how on Earth did that happen and we'd only just had her check up done at 6 months so we didn't have any major concerns about her but figured they were coming to us so we may as well get it done :)

She was weighed and is now 7.83kg and nice and chubby, she has such cute little chubby thighs. Discussed her eating and the nurse said we should look at dropping her down to two main milk feeds a day and make her solids more of her main meal, well I don't think I'll be dropping her down to two, she's on between three and four now and I'm still happy with that, as well as the one overnight which granted is only about 15 to 20 mintues so I am prepared to live with that one. We're doing baby led weaning so there is no guarantee or real measure of exactly how much is going in her tummy, so I'm not prepared to withdraw feeds from her, I now how much is going on the floor, that's about the only definite.

We also discussed something that I had been a little bit concerned about, Mackenzie does not like to weight bear on her legs, if you stand her up, she will immediately pull her legs up, or she'll allow it for a second before she lifts her legs up. I thought it was cute to start with as she would cross her legs when she did it, actually I still think it's cute, I'm just also a tiny bit concerned that at her developmental age that she should be standing when I'm holding onto her hands without any real problems. So the home visit nurse (I forget her name, my bad) has suggested that we should probably look at a referral to a physio to get her looked at, and given there can be a three to four month waiting list we've agreed. You never know she could be walking in three to four months time, but if not I'd rather have her on the list now then doing something about it later down the track. Sometimes I think we may have hindered her development by not giving her as much floor time as we allowed Taleisha to have but Taleisha was so over zealous in those early days that it was safer to have Mackenzie in my arms out of harms way, or we were always out doing something so she was forever in the sling or the pram. Well what we did in the past can't be changed but we're going to try and do some exercises the nurse suggested and hopefully that will help Mackenzie start to use her legs some more.

Other than her refusal to stand in any way, shape or form, she is spot on for her developmental age, so overall it was a good check up. Taleisha was also weighed and she is sitting at just under 15kilos, but she fully clothed and had her shoes on, so it's prob closer to 14kilos. We also discussed the food issue with the nurse, and although she agreed it was perculiar that she had a preference to white food, she was getting plenty of nutrition from what we were offering and basically she looks healthy and to keep offering and doing what we're doing. So I guess that's it for this check up, two perfect kids with a couple of unique little idiosyncriacies.

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