Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My proposed birthday present

My birthday isn't until November but my hubby asked me yesterday if I would like a Pandora Bracelet for my birthday, my answer was something along the lines of hell yes!!! Looks like my hinting did finally pay off, will have to wait and see what I get in November now :)

However in my excitement of finally obtaining a Pandora bracelet I have been playing around at making my bracelet on line and I want it on my wrist already. I've tried to select beads that would have meanings - such as the birthday cake obviously to symbolise my birthday, K my initial, scorpio symbol my star sign, pram and dummy for my girls, suitcase for my travel dreams and well some because I just liked them.

My little creation had a price tag attached to it that was a little scary, good thing you don't go out and buy all the charms at once!!! I should print the picture of my bracelet off so hubby has an idea of what to get me, now would that be a little cheeky :)

So here is my dream bracelet at this moment in time (I am after all female and it is my perogative to change my mind)

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