Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Poor bubba

of the big variety.

Yesterday after lunch, we heard Taleisha scream and then start a very real pain cry. She came out complaining about a sore bottom and wanting ice. Ice is her little pink butterfly bump buddy and a cure for many ailments. First we tried to work out what she had sat or fallen on but then it occurred to me that she was completely nude. This is a little habit she has when she goes to the toilet, especially when she was wearing a dress like yesterday.

Now for the TMI, I asked her if she'd hurt her bottom doing a poo and she said yes, so we drew the conclusion she was constipated, not that we could work out why considering she drinks water like no tomorrow. We checked the medical box for anything that would help her, the only thing we had was castor oil, Andrew put some in a medicine cup for her she blankly refused it. She also refused anything else. I let her snuggle into me and we made a quick makeshift nappy with a terry flat that sat loosely around her buttom, as it hurt her when you tried to clean it, so figured a nappy would help for now.

I then had to dash out, it was the first meeting of my new mother's group. I was gone about two hours, when I came home she was fast asleep on her father's lap on the couch, so not like our little girl, so it's usually a good sign she's not well. When she woke up she seemed a little bit chirpier but still hot and quite cuddly, not wanting to let us go, I gave her a dose of panadol with the syringe. I then had a brainwave that we could do the same with the castor oil, we might get some into her doing it that way.

We then took her to the shower were we could clean her up without hurting her, the shower really helped wake her up and change her mood completely. Andrew also get her to take some castor oil, she took about half of what it had put in the syringe, I figured it was better than nothing. Also thought given the oil it would be safer to put a nappy on her tonight. The poor chook.

Anyway around 9pm the castor oil did it's thing, my poor bubba girl, Andrew had to go to her as she was on the loo in quite a bit of pain but thankfully she managed to pass what Andrew described as a massive round and long poo, no wonder she was in so much pain. Hoping that was it and she'll be right as rain today.

now that turned into a mammoth post about poo, how charming :)


  1. Poor Taleisha!! Hope she is feeling much better today.

  2. Aww poor girl, constipation is awful Eliza had it once :(

  3. Oh poor bubba girl :( Good on her for drinking the castor oil, ergh I couldn't do it!!