Thursday, February 26, 2009

Retiring from my job as lady of leisure

Ha yeah right, lady of leisure, who am I kidding. Maybe if that involved you being an unwashed sleep deprived banshee, yeah then that's me :)

My maternity leave (well my paid portion) is due to run out in a few months time and given I will not be returning to my job in the impending future, it's time to start looking for an alternative way for me to earn an income. That is very scary prospect, I've been with my previous employer for over 8 years, I know what to expect, it's comfortable but now I'm in the big unknown, I have no idea how to apply for jobs, respond in interviews, and all that over foofah eek.

Hubby has suggested I look at social work jobs with the government, given I do have a degree in that field it would make sense but I just don't know, I don't know if that's what I want to do. However I do concede that I do need to do something, so I've looked but thankfully nothing has jumped out at me yet, this is probably has I do not yet feel the urgency behind the need to apply for something, after all for the time being we still do have a bit of cash trickling in on my behalf.

Today I thought about maybe getting fit enough to think about reapplying to get into the force here, but am not too keen on the idea of working shift work again, hells bells if they could fast track me straight back into the courts again, I think I'd jump at the chance but I know the response I'll get is that we don't employ prosecutors we employ for the road, so I'll have to do the hard yards there before I can get my Monday to Friday dayshift job. That said I really don't want to turn my back on all the work I did in SA, so it still remains an option, if not right now but definitely down the track when the kids are a little bit older.

Another idea I've had is getting my Austswim and getting a job as a swimming instructor, but that's going to cost about $350 at least and no guarantee of a job and I have not seen any advertised yet. I know the old saying you've got to spend money to make money as well, but in reality we don't have that much left over for me to splurge on a course and secondly with Mackenzie still breast feeding, I can't really take off and leave her for the weekend to complete it. Can anyone say excuses!!! I really need to just bite the bullet, book the course and put the money aside and just do it.

I did apply for a job last week for which I got put through to the online assessment. However after a rocky start yesterday with my internet connection dropping out just after I started the test, I completed it tonight and to be honest I'm not feeling very confident about it. It is a very poorly written program and God only knows what they hope to gather from it. For a starters they test your arithmetic with ridiculously large sums but you are told to use a calculator, wow you know I can push some buttons into a machine and type the answer it computes, seems daft to me. Then the reasoning questions were just bizarre. Whoever wrote the Launchpad program must have been snorting some serious acid.

I'm really dreading returning to the work force (if you hadn't gathered that by now), I really am enjoying being a stay at home mum to my girls. I can't even to begin to think how much childcare is going to cost for the two of them and I really don't want to have to put them into care. I wish we could afford for to stay at home with the girls but at the moment I know that isn't a practical option. Maybe I should go buy some lotto tickets and hope for a big win, then I could seriously become a lady of leisure. Ok maybe not but hey it would be nice. Given that that is not likely to happen, I'll be hitting the job search engines and crossing my fingers that the perfect part time barely at work high paying job is out there for me :)

For now I'll enjoy the days left as the unwashed, sleep deprieved, shrieking banshee...and those lovely soft cuddly hugs, sloppy kisses and "i love you mummy"'s, oh the joys of being a stay at home mum.

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