Friday, February 27, 2009

Sewing attempt #2: Oliver & S Lazy Sunday Skirt

I hit spotlight again earlier in the week armed with a new pattern, the Oliver & S lazy sunday skirt (find pattern here), it looked simple enough, so I thought what the heck, for project number 2 I'll give it a go. I bought some lovely patterned floral material and Taleisha picked out a yellow ribbon with orange flowers on it, sounds garish I know but it looks ok, honest!!!

So tonight I thought I'd give it a go and I surprised myself it was extremely easy. It probably took me a little longer than it estimated but given it's only my second go at sewing something, I think I have an excuse. I did decide after I'd already sewed the selvage edges together that the length was a bit long so I gave it a quick trim whilst I was going. It's still probably on the long side but she should get some wear out of it that way.

I'm thinking of buying a cheap white singlet and appliquing a love heart or something in the same material to match the skirt I think that would be a very cute little outfit :)

So here is my skirt, I'll endeavour to get a photo of my little model in it tomorrow.

I also managed to fix the pants I made the other day for Mackenzie, I undid the hem and added an extra band of material in and then redid the waist band, it probably looks a bit daft but I don't think anyone will be looking that closely and I didn't want to waste or resew the pants. At least now they fit :)

I'll definitely be making this one again!!!

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