Monday, February 9, 2009

So devastating...

Not since 911 have I wept whilst watching the news but the Victorian bush fires have me in tears, I just can't comprehend the devastation and destruction that these bush fires have caused and the possibility that these fires were deliberately lit, well livid isn't a strong enough word.

Over 100 people have been killed and that toll is said to increase, the amount of property loss is unfathomable. I just can't comprehend what these people are going through. My heart was in my throat for a dear friend who was in the path of the fire but they are OK as is their property. But for alot of people they have nothing more than the clothes on their back however such is the human spirit they consider themselves the lucky ones, they after all still have their lives. It is always amazing to watch a community (or even a nation) come together at times like these.

The firefighters, police officers, ses workers and every other volunteer who are working tirelessly are the true heroes. You all put your lives on the lines to save others, you are my heroes.

The media is a real PITA, they seem to sensationalise these poor people's lives and for all those people going for a gawk you make me sick, get out of your bloody car and offer a hand, how can you be so selfish, this is not a time for sight seeing.

My thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to everyone who have been touched by these bush fires. I only wish I could do more.


  1. It's shocking it reall, really is. I hope that the people are caught and sent down for murder. :(

  2. Just absolutely awful and tragic :(