Sunday, February 22, 2009

So I sewed

Yesterday I dusted off my sewing machine, which up until then it's major life achievement was being taken out of it's box and placed on the kitchen table awaiting inspiration to hit. I started with threading the machine, and OMG what an ordeal that turned out to be, with no one to call for help I had to perservere on my own and hope that what I was doing was right. It took a few goes but I had it whirring away on some scraps in no time.

I then needed to work out how on earth I used the fusible webbing, after some google searches came across some instructions that formed part of an irish costume but it was enough for me to figure out what to do. So I then bravely cut into my material, that's the hardest part for me, I feel like I'm going to ruin it.

Not long after that I came up with this little number.
and a close up of the M

I like it and it was super easy to do, next in line is one for Taleisha, I've already printed out the letter, just need to go get some thread, which I would have done today if it wasn't for WA's backward trading hours, seriously what's with no Sunday trading.

Today I whipped up a pair of pants in the same material as the M to match the top. I followed the directions to the letter but they didn't come out quite right, the rise on them is too small, it probably needs at least another inch and a half of material, so not too sure what I did wrong. It could be because of her cloth bum which makes it look worse than it is but she won't be in sposies when she's got them on, so I need it to work for them. Might if I feel brave give it another go but add a bit at the top. The photo I took of Miss Mackenzie modelling them hides the above problem, selective photography at it's best :)

I got Taleisha to try them on to see if they would fit her, given she has no bum but still the rise is just too small, looks like the pants are trying to cut in her half.

Oh well it was my first attempt and I can't expect miracles now can I, at least the top turned out really well and will go nicely with a pair of jeans until I figure out how to get the pants to work. NowI need to plan my next shopping spree as I have a couple of more patterns I've been given and I'm really keen to give them a whirl, I just need more material :)


  1. Kat I am super impressed! That set looks really good for a first effort, well done mate