Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Childcare Angst

Ok so I have a job interview lined up this week and well the thought occurs to me that I really need to organise childcare for my girls. The job that I've got an interview for is fulltime, I don't really want to work fulltime but I really like the job, so to do the job I've got to grin and bear the hours that come along with it. I guess if I get the job and probation is over I could always apply for a reduction in hours.

So the childcare angst starts, ring the local family day care association, no spots, I ring ABC learning centre and there is a centre that has two spots available, it's not our closest but not out of the way, they want $514 a week for the girls, eeeek, check out nannies, they look like they're going to end up costing us more. Ring another private childcare centre and they are marginally cheaper than ABC at $500 a week for both girls and just down the road from home. There's one more centre I want to ring but am under no illusion they are going to be any cheaper just want a couple of options.

I rang mum and tried to (very unsuccessfully) convince her to send my 16 year old sister down to be my live in nanny, we'd pay her a small amount for free bpard, ammenities etc, she's not at school, is currently working at a childcare centre and studying to obtain her certificates, sounded like a perfect solution to me. Mum just laughed, pooey t you, I'll kidnap her when she comes to stay for her birthday in a couple of weekends time. I know my sister woudn't complain about that one :)

Why does childcare have to be so bloody expensive, $1000 a fortnight is a ludicrous amount of money to pay. We can't afford for me to stay home but by the looks of things we're not going to be able to afford childcare if I do go to work, as I imagine my entire pay will be eaten up in childcare fees. It's just so bloody ridiculous, oh and the ABC lady added you'll be able to apply to get a 50% rebate every 3 months, which is all well and good but I need to come up with the 100% to start with. Once we got past the first few months it would be easy enough as we could just keep using the rebate to go straight back on the fees but up until then it would be pretty bloody tight, actually I would dare say we'd be in negatives.

Another thing, wouldn't it be nice to get a bit of a discount with every subsequent child like you do with schools (well some schools), it would just make things marginally easier. It's so depressing thinking that the dollars are coming in and going straight back out again.

Well we should toddle off and have a look at the centre down the orad and put the girl's names down, would hate to think we waited and missed out on a spot altogether.


  1. I absolutely, positive feel (and live!) your pain. xxx

  2. Kat what you have just put there is totally the reason we are assessing if it would be worth me even going back before Kaleb is at school full time! I don't see the point in going back for either A just a few $$ or B it costing us money.