Monday, March 9, 2009

Feeling overwhelmed

I'm feeling quite lost at the moment, there is so much I want and need to do, I just don't know where to start, or if I should be doing any of it at all.

How do you decide what is important, how do you choose one item over another.

I don't think I'm stressed, just quite aimless, well I have lots of aims and goals, too many probably, I just don't know how to prioritise which one I want more and then there is the cost involved with achieving some of them.

I want to work abroad but then we'll need to have all our debts paid off before we could look at relocating as well as the fact that Andrew would have needed to finish uni and his post grad (at least 2 and a half years) before we could even think of going, which I'm ok with. It just seems to achieve something there is so many little things in the way. I'm thinking that the best way to get rid of our debt is to get a personal loan and consolidate everything, but then that will be at least 5 years, which would add another 2 and a half years onto any move we could make. It just seems the more and more I think about things, the more I find that needs doing and then the logistics just seem to get to hard.

I need to write my five year plan down on paper, I need to write my goals on paper, I need to put everything down in front of me, so I can see it all and work out what means the most to me.

Then there is the thoughts that I need to get back into the workforce, but what do I do, where should I be looking at jobs, should I be looking to get back into the force even if the idea of shift work and the like is exactly not what I want to do but I know I can do the job and I do enjoy the work.

Thinking about it all is seriously doing my head in. Argh!!!!


  1. Definitely write them down!!! Even on individual bits of paper and move them up and down and around. It will definitely help to clear your head. It's hard to know where to start when you're so overwhelmed (HUG)

  2. Kat I wish I had the answers but you have pretty much described the mush that is my head at the moment too.

    Really hope that you find a path that is going to work for you all.