Thursday, March 12, 2009

Interview Debrief

Last night I thought things were going to get off to an extremely rough start, Taleisha was in and out of bed up until about 8.45 pm and then started screaming about 11pm, not long after her father got home, eek, here we go I'm going to be up all night to the kids when I need a good sleep for my interview. I sent Andrew in to sort out Taleisha and after a quick hug she was back off to sleep. Everyone back into bed and then at about 11.45pm, Mackenzie starts, oh god, please don't let this be a shocker. Gave her a feed, I wasn't going to waste time trying to rock, pat her back to sleep tonight as I needed my sleep. After her feed she went straight back to sleep and that's the last I heard of them until my alarm went off at 6am. That isn't to say I slept soundly, was a little bit restless with the nervous energy I was experiencing but over all it was a decents night sleep.

So alarm off at 6am, whilst in shower, Miss Taleisha hops in, well that saves dragging her out of bed in 15 minutes time, so drag Andrew out of bed and he hops in with Taleisha whilst I pull on my pre planned ensemble, not overly happy with the look but Andrew assures me I look OK, given I have nothing else to wear I leave the top on even if I'm feeling frumpy. Get the girls dressed and fed and then everyone is in the car by 7am. GPS says we'll be there by 7.35am, heaps early with plenty of time to spare for my 8.30am interview. Well by the time we got on the Kwinana Freeway we were moving at snails pace and the estimated arrival time just kept getting pushed back further and further, eek I might even be late, not good. Andrew then in his inability to follow the GPS direction takes the wrong turn off, not we need to back track and get onto the freeway, not cool, this is going to take forever. In my pannicked state I checked my phone for the interviewers number and it was private so I couldn't even ring to let them know. Thankfully this was not the case, and it only took a few extra minutes and a few extra grey hairs, thanks darls.

We made it to the building at 8.15am, perfect 15 minutes to spare. Next time I'm catching the bloody train, traffic was ridiculous!!! Handed over my resume and a copy of my passport, then read the brochure about being employed with this company, all sounds good. There were three other girls that would be interviewed at the same time as me in the group interview. I've never had one of those before, I had plenty of panel interviews in my previous job but never a group so that was a new experience and quite interesting to watch the dynamics. The interviewer was very charasmatic and I was pretty much immediately at ease in her presence although still somewhat nervous. I'm never very good at selling myself and find that the English language as a habit of escaping me when I need it the most.

Well first part of the interview was too watch a video on the company and it's global structure, pretty harmless intro, then there was a little test, not on the video but more general knowledge on what the company sells and what you would recommend in different situations, my brain had a little holiday at this stage, I could see the answers but couldn't tihnk of the names, if I was a better drawer I would have answered the questions with illustrations. The four of us had a bit of a giggle about this.

Next the interviewer popped in and covered the core competencies and we were each asked differing questions to cover these. I think I did alright in this part. My experience wasn't at all job related or sales for that matter but I believe I was able to answer them sufficiently to cover the competency. It was interesting to hear the backgrounds of the other girls but it made me realise I was up against girls with experience, one was in wholesale travel, one was manager of a fast food chain and the other in sales but no idea what industry. I know at one stage the interviewer asked one of the girls a question that she didn't think she had an example for, I piped in (couldn't keep my bloody big mouth shut) about differentthings in her workplace she could use as an example, don't know if that will be a tick or a cross in the box for me.

Afterwards we had a quick one and one with the interviewer, however she didn't require any extra information from me as I'd already had an informal phone interview with her that covered all her questions. I asked her a couple of questions from the video and told her about a bit more of my experience and my brief foray in sales that I had forgotten all about, probably as I made no money, I spent my profits on items from the company :) Once that was finished it was all over, red rover, I'll find out in about three days if I go through to the next round or not.

I don't know how I'll go, I think I handled the interview really well but think my lack of experience will be my drawback. Andrew is concerned about the base salary, as it is low as the main portion of the wage is made on commission. I told him we can only give it a try, if it doesn't work then we can look elsewhere but that said I need to get the job first. Fingers crossed.


  1. Phew!! So glad you made it, fingers crossed!

  2. fingers crossed!!! Any other info about the job you can share? :P