Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just for mum

Last night I went out for the first time ever by myself, leaving the girls behind with their daddy. It was fantastic to be able to do something for myself, even if it meant pumping like crazy the week before so I'd have enough EBM for a bottle feed for Mackenzie.

I went out to the Royal Hotel in East Perth, it was a gorgeous area, can't imagine I'll be affording one of the dock side appartments anytime soon but definitely very pretty and lovely views. Hotel was really nice, albeit very loud inside (read old married woman symdrome here) but thanks to some great snapping skills of one of the girls we managed to nab a table outside miraculously with enough chairs for everyone. We talked for ages, drank (softies for me, I am still breast feeding after all), ate some good food and generally had a good laugh.

The girls on the other hand performed as I would have expected, Taleisha was fine, turned her playroom upside down and around again, I swear that girl doesn't have a neat bone in her body. Mackenzie let her father she was not at all happy about the fact that her mother had upped and left her for the night, leaving her with her dad and no boobie. She wasn't impressed with the bottle either, she took a couple of sucks and then refused anymore. She exercised her lungs to their full capacity. She did eventually settle down and drift off to sleep for her daddy though. At least her father expected this from her as he was prewarned, and the fact that I would be out of reach due to my tendency to not her the mobile. :) They all survived, which is the main thing.

Thanks girls for a lovely night, I definitely needed to do something just for me, it was long overdue, maybe next time I might be able to have a glass of wine or two. Now next weekend I'm leaving the girls behind again, out to a mummy's dinner, should be a fun night, well for me, Andrew might not agree with that sentement.

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