Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Living the expat lifestyle

One of my life goals has always been to live and work overseas, and somedays I think now that we have the kids that the opportunity has well and truly passed us by, but then there are the days, like today that I think yeah we can still do this.

Andrew is a nurse and there are constantly jobs in the USA, Canada, England and even the Middle East advertised, so as long as he met all the criteria (we haven't looked into it yet) I'm sure he'd pick up a job reasonably easy. I've been having a bit of look on the internet and a lot of the Visas seem to allow the spouse and children to come along under the same Visa requirements, which would simplify things for me if we did it that way, as I wouldn't need to have a job lined up, and I saw on the US E3 Visa, that I would be able to work under Andrew's Visa. Well that's what it looked like it said to me :)

I don't know if I'd be quite willing to follow him to the Middle East, but any of the other options and I'd be there in a heart beat.

I know it really isn't probably as romantic a lifestyle as I envision or dream it to be, it's just something I've always had my heart set on and I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to the dream. Andrew and I have talked about it and he seems keen enough, I just wonder when the day ever comes that we put this plan into action if he'd still be as keen. I would love to think this good be something to consider for a five year plan, even in a couple of years, give ourselves plenty of time to save and research it.
At the moment the thought is quite overwhelming, with what we'd need to take, what we'd need to put into stroage, how much it would cost, where we'd go, where we'd live but even though all the unkowns make it seem daunting, I'm not put off in the slightest, it is an adventure and I would love to jump in and give it a go. Maybe Andrew and I should seriously start to consider this move and put a plan of attack into action, something to work towards!!! At least with our rental now, we're not tied down with a house, one small little benefit to renting ;)


  1. That would be totally fantastic Kat!! I know what you mean, just the challenge of being somewhere new, and being able to explore your surroundings... My folks lived in the US (California) for year or two an had a combi an off they'd go on weekends and holidays. Love the photos, and the memories you'd have... unforgettable!

  2. Well I am an expat lol I am from the UK & went to Sydney for 10 years & now we are back in the UK. But we are looking at the US or Europe for our next stop.

    If you are going to do it, plan save and go which is what we did. Best thing we did. Although my other half is in the banking world so things are to great right now for us lol but still you take life as it comes and make the most of it.

    I have friends who are nurses I use to work with them in Sydney. Now one is in the UAE earning foul amounts of money lol no tax there. My other friend is in Canada I know that Aus it better to work as a nurse than Canada from what she says. then there is here, I think Nurses earn more in Aus than here though.
    how exciting!!!

  3. I'm an expat with kid so I'm going to say do it of course (although my kid was born here not moved here).

    Like The Fab Four said, plan, save, go. Don't think about it too much. Yes, you will be putting a lot of stuff in storage, you will need to get set up again, but it's all just a process to go through.

    Spouse visas to the UK generally do allow the spouse to work. I originally came on a spouse visa, and had no troubles getting a job. Andrew shouldn't have any worries getting work over here.

    Do it, do it, do it.