Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March, the month that was...

Another month been and gone, and now we’re a quarter of the way through this year already. Amazing how quickly time flies. March has been a very interesting month for us, kind of scared but excited to see what the rest of the year brings.

So this month we:

  1. I went out by myself (yes without the girls) for a girls night but not once I did twice this month. It felt very liberating to be able to go out and know the girls were OK, even if one of them was doing some vocal exercises whilst I was out J
  2. I saw a stripper J *blush*
  3. I made a skirt for Taleisha, I’m very proud of this effort, I think it looks fabulous.
  4. I started applying for jobs. Lots of jobs, I’m so over selection criteria, it was so easy when you could just drop off your resume and someone would call you back.
  5. I had a job interview!!! But didn’t get the job.
  6. Found childcare places for both girls at a child care centre down the road that has come under new management recently, thank god, it was pretty feral and I was umming ahhing about even calling them again but yay I did. Still need to drop the paperwork in though, better do that.
  7. Mackenzie’s referral arrived and we had her first appointment with the physio, fingers crossed it's nothing too serious.
  8. Picked up our professional photos, they look fantastic!!! Now I just need to get some nice ones of the girls together, will try that just before Mackenzie’s first birthday.
  9. Caught up with my little sister, she is in Perth for her birthday, it was a great whirlwind visit, the girls love her, wish she could stay she’d make a fantastic live in nanny for my girls, lol, oh and I’d love to spend more time with my sister of course.
  10. We found a church and have started to go again, we also booked in Mackenzie’s dedication ceremony. It is an awesome church, as a real youth vibe about it. The girls love it, they have a youth band and they are really good, lots of dancing and jumping.
  11. I re-enrolled in University, don’t start until May though. Nervous, excited and everything else possible.
  12. We had a wonderful visit from the beautiful Tammy, it was great to see you but sad it was under such awful circumstances, thinking of you sweetie.
  13. Clapping and rotating a new tricks on the block for Miss M.
  14. I joined the toy library, liking it so far. As is Taleisha lots of new toys to try out.
  15. Invites out for Miss M's 1st birthday and christening.

Well onto the second quarter of the year and lots of new changes. University, job hunting, maternity leave running out, Miss M turning 1!!!

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