Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Milestones for Miss M

Yesterday my little girl started clapping her hands, this little milestone was celebrated with much fanfare and cheering, she thought it was great and happily continued to clap and giggle with amazement. She was really pleased with herself and as am I, the physio did raise some concern that she wasn't clapping yet, so I'm completely chuffed that she has started doing it in the week after our appointment. Something to boast about at out next one!!

We also have some movement happening, backward albeit but it is movement. she is pushing herself backwards whilst on her stomach which is definitely a good sign. Additionally she is spinning herself around, not fast but she can turn herself around when sitting on her bottom and whilst on her tummy, which is making getting to things a little bit easier when you can control your direction a bit more. Mind you it's not preventing her from getting stuck under the couch, she still needs rescuing from that clever little maneuver.

She was also last night putting her legs up on the couch and lifting her bottom off the ground, does that count as backwards pulling yourself up on things. My child truly is a unique one :)

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