Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Miss M's Update

Mackenzie is 10 and a half months and too cute for words.

I love this little person to pieces, she has the cheekiest smile, the cutest little giggle and the most gorgeous mop of hair. She is quite tolerant but definitely has a little temper on her. She feeds herself and loved the sausage curry tonight, although I do believe she preferred the pumpkin and potato to the actual sausage. She is absolutely besotted with her big sister, well except for when she is snatching toys off her.

She's not talking too much, from what I can decipher she says Mum and Dad and I'm pretty sure she has something for Taleisha but I can't for the life of me make it out. She also waves her hand, it's very queen like, she just bends the top of her hand, so is folding her fingers up and down. It's very cute.

The last couple of days she's started to move around a little bit more, she can whilst sitting now rotate herself around and is starting to do this on the floor. However that's about where the movement ends, well excluding the rolling which she does everywhere and is constantly getting stuck under the couch and under the table. This leads me to today's appointment, Mackenzie's specialist appointment with the Paedatric Physiotherapist.

The day didnt start to well when little miss slept in, so had to be bundled into the car without a feed. She handled that fine but as soon as we got into the room, you could see that she was getting apprehensive, the room was bright and inviting enough but I think she sensed that something was going to happen. As soon as she was striped to her nappy the tears basically started, that was the first of the protest, the protest that was practically one hour long, she did not appreciate a second of that appointment. Nor was she prepared to demonstrate what she could do, pmsl she refused to roll or do basically anything for that matter, except demonstrate her total lack of interest in placing her feet on the floor.

This led us onto the floor where we needed to test Mackenzie's abilities, which showed that she can place weight on her feet but shows a real displeasure in doing so. She also has a tendancy to hold her arms and chest back and on top of that she's not pulling up when you hold her hands. So it may be a few sensory delays on her part which may take a bit of work and daily exercises, or torture I'm sure Mackenzie thinks. So I've been given a few instructions on what to do with her, one is when she wants to be picked up, to grab her hands and get her to pull herself up, so basically make her work for what she wants. As well as placing her on my knees on the floor and having her knees and feet at right angles so there bent and when she leans forward she's placing pressure on them. Also to have toys she can attempt to pull onto, so we bought a discovery table thing today and also looking at hiring another exerciser toy the physio recommended, can't justify buying that one just yet, will depend on the hire quote though. When carrying her I need to ensure her legs are together and hold her under her bottom, so she's got to control her top half. she has really good control when that is concerned but it is to develop her muscles further, she also suggested we carry her on her stomach as it stimulates the crawling position and encourages the right muscle development. On top of that she suggested I put her cot toys up so she needs to work or pull herself up to get at them, I was hoping to buy one of the mirror cot toys as she is fascinated with mirrors but I couldn't find one anywhere. When she's laying down and whinging to get up, I've got to hold her at the waist and grab one hand and show her how to use the other arm to push herself to sitting. Ummm what else, this is all other the place but I'm just righting it down as I recall it. I think that was basically everything we went over today, my poor little chicken.

It was a very long morning for Mackenzie, so much so that she fell asleep in the car on the way home, she was absolutely exhausted I think physically and emotionally. Not too sure what we're dealing with yet but the physio did say that Mackenzie showed a very passive personality which could be the basis for a lot of the issues she's showing. Will have to put what she's said in practice and see if there is any improvement over the coming weeks.

Well that's it in a nut shell. My little honey bunny, a bundle of cuddles and kisses. :wub: xxooxx

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