Monday, March 9, 2009

No thanks, I like Dora the way she is

Well today I heard that Mattel have decided that Dora needs a makeover, apparently her shorts and adventurous lifestyle is no longer the way to go. She is going to be replaced with a much thinner version with longer legs, long flowing hair and skirts, who girls can now play with by restyling her hair, changing her clothes etc. Apparently this is obviously the only style toy our girls can play with, what a joke.

Why does she have to be changed at all, well obviously she's not raking in enough money with the preschooler audience and they are trying to tap into the tween market. Don't tweenies have enough, do they seriously need to throw another doll pretty much like all the others into the mix. Sadly the silhouettes of the doll are looking scarily like a Bratz doll, no thank you, my girl will not be having a Bratz and nor will she be getting this Dora, we'll be sticking to plain old fashion Dora, even if it means we'll be having to buy second hand from now on in.

I am not alone in this and have added my name to a petition that will be forwarded to Mattel, if you feel the same please add your name to the petition, here is the link

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  1. Oh, that would be a shame! Dora is unique in this world of blonde haired blue eyed girly dolls, let's leave her that way.