Monday, March 16, 2009

Not me

Well I got my first rejection letter today, I was half expecting it, I knew I interviewed well but my lack of relevant experience was completely evident. i'm a little disappointed but not at the same time. Not etting the job takes a bit of pressure off us trying to organise childcare and reworking Andrew's roster so he had days off during the week to care for the kids, and then there was all the paperwork I would've needed to submit to my current job for secondary employment, considering I'm still on long service leave.

I rang the recruitment centre to get some feedback on my application and it did come down to my lack of experience, there were for more qualified people available. Which leads me to wonder why on earth would they bother calling me in for interview, they knew my job history from my resume, it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I think I'm going to get a lot of knock backs before I actually get a job because my work experience has been so job specific. I just wish employers look pass that, I wouldn't apply for the job if I didn't think I could do it and would be good at it!!!

Oh well I can try again for this position in 6 months time, in the mean time I'm back on the hunt, the very frustrating hunt, especially considering I'm not too sure I even want to go back to work but know we need me to, until we get our finances sorted I need to be employed, grrrr.

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  1. Oh you totally answered my thought of "why did they call then?!" Maybe they don't read the resumes or something, or maybe they thing no one will fit and you might I never get how these things work!

    Ah well the experience of interviewing is a good thing at least!