Thursday, March 26, 2009

Op Shopping Extraordinaire!!!

On the agenda today was op shopping, I've been meaning to go and have a look in the three we have locally for ages but kept postponing, so today, made sure it was on the list of things to do. Well I think overall we had a very successful morning. The three op shops we have are Good Sammys, ST Vinnies and Drup Arm Op Shop, the first two were really good, won't be wasting my time visiting the last one again, it was dirty, cramped and just plain blergh.

On my shopping list was scarves, soft and silky ones preferrably, material, patterns, clothes for the kids and Andrew wanted some new shorts. We didn't come home with any material, patterns or shorts but definitely had some awesome bargains and some great finds.

Taleisha is absolutely nuts with My Little Pony at the moment, and we nabbed two videos for a couple of dollars, although we took one back as it was not the right video in the case and we already had what was in the case on DVD, so she swapped that for a Mickey Mouse Christmas one. She also got a Hi5 video and Andrew picked up an X-files Video. The My Little Pony movie should be interesting we haven't watched it yet but it's got Danny Devito in it, so I'm definitely intrigued, might chuck it in the player tomorrow afternoon.

Clothes wise the girls did extremely well, I think I spent $20 if I was lucky and came home with 3 pairs of pants, 2 jumper, 3 jackets, 1 skirt, 1 pair of overalls, 1 pair of shortalls and a couple of tshirts. An absolute bargain I reckon, especially when included in that bundle there were labels such as Sprout, Sticks and Stones, Marks and Spencer, Country Road, Guess Jeans and Pumpkin Patch. I'll have to take some photos of our haul and share them. Mind you a few of the finds are for boys but with a couple of pregnant friends and some friends already with little boys, if and when number 3 comes along and it's not a bluey, we've definitely got places that they can go, just to good a buy not to take up :)

I also grabbed a gorgeous silky scarf, it was probably one of the most expensive items of the day at $3.50 but it is gorgeous and the girls love playing with it. They had a couple more there, so I'm going to head back and grab some more and maybe actually look in the clothing racks for me. Might even go for a bit of drive and see if I can find anymore op shops around the traps. I love bargain shopping :)

Also made a couple more bottle toys for Mackenzie, she's had one for ages now that I just threw some wood chip into when we were at the park one day as I had no other toys for her and she's loved it ever since. So today a made up two more, but threw some rice in which I had coloured yellow and green with some food dye. They sound great and she loves them, especially the yellow one. Also keeping on the productive side, I made a batch of scrumptious banana muffins today also, had to do something with my very over ripe bananas, only problem is that my hips and buttocks are likely to suffer greatly!!! :)

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