Saturday, March 28, 2009

Over the Shoulder Boulder Holders

I am big, even pre kids and breast feeding I was quite large, but the kids definitely brought being big to a new dimension for me. Bra shopping was depressing, especially considering when pregnant with Taleisha there were no speciality maternity bra shops and there was only one bra I could get a triumph one, so I bought three of them and payed an exorbiant amount of money for them. They were worn to death, given they have been in rotation for the past four years, one has already found it's way to the bra gravesite, and the others will be following suit, especially considering the hooks are all basically on the outer, I need to squish them shut after every wash so the bra will stay hooked up.

With such a poor choice of bras I was overjoyed to find a bra shop that catered for big chested women when pregnant with Mackenzie, and bought a few more bras however I was definitely paying for the priveledge, with more than one close to the $100 mark each, ouch. However some 10 months later, some of those bras are no longer, think boob overflow, so I was yet again in dire need of some new bras but not willing to part with the money. Well whilst browsing the internet I came across a website called Zodee which stocked my desired over the shoulder boulder holders, and even better still they were pretty. Upon further browsing I saw that if I signed up to this site I could get some awesome member discounts, such as 50% off some bras, man I was sold, actually sold four times over. Thats about how many bras ended up in my shopping cart, whoops. Still waiting for Mr Aust Post to deliver them, but I can't wait to put them on.

This is what I bought. Lovely hey? Will make a nice change to have some pretty, sexy lingerie!!!
Now if only I had a figure like the model, then life would be peachy :)

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  1. Oh that baby blue one is sooooo cute!!

    I have yet to check out Zodee, will wait til my bank balance looks a bit healthier!!