Friday, March 13, 2009

Professional Photos

Today the girls and I were finally able to go and pick up our professional photos we had done back in January. It was great to see the photos again and I'm really happy with the way they turned out, even if Miss M was a little sullen in some of them.
We got them done at Pixi Photos (at Maddington) and we will definitely be going back to get some more before Mackenzie's birthday, I really want a nice one of the two girls together, so that will be the priority next time. (and if we time it right might be able to get some with Nanna and their aunty and uncle).
Now I apologise for the quality but it's a photo of a photo, a couple were too big for the scanner and I got lazy on the rest. Looking forward to getting them framed and giving a few of them away to the grandparents.
A nice arty farty one, the sepia colouring looks much nicer IRL.
The family shot, we all look quite decent, what a surprise :)
Who's looking at you, kid? love the look

Enough already

Sisterly love, sisterly hugs or strangulation :) it was sadly the nicest one of the two of them

Love this next lot, Mackenzie actually smiles :)

These next two are my favourites

This one being my absolute favourite!!!


  1. Kat they are adorable! Definitely good for what they are.

  2. Oh cute! I love the 2nd last one, so cheeky!! :P

  3. Oh Kat, they're gorgeous photos!